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WordPress Website Design Company

WordPress website design service, one of our best selling services, will be your best bet if you are looking to establish online presence for your business by developing its site from scratch with this platform.

Why is WordPress so popular

Besides its efficiency, ease, and thousands of features that it provides, the No.1 reason business owners turn to WordPress is that it’s free. It is an ever evolving platform which makes it robust and fast. Therefore, businesses are really at ease connecting with their visitors via this platform. If you want to add responsiveness and implement a content management system for your business site, WordPress is perhaps the best option for you in this regard, since you will never go with the top choices of millions of businesses worldwide.

75% of Content Management System(CMS) on the internet are powered by WordPress, which is amazing considering there are many competing CMS alternatives out there. Till today, many business owners preferred it as their market choice and this trend is still going strong.

We offer various design packages, so your business can reap the most benefits from it.

Why should I hire a WordPress website design company?

For one thing, a WordPress website design company is an expert in the job that they do; there are many factors to look out for when creating your beautiful websites like the following:

WordPress Themes– The reliability of the WordPress theme is important; consider a situation where the developer of the theme cannot sustain, you can no longer update your website, which will ultimately manifest into serious security problems warranting website redesign service. An agency usually uses themes coming from reputable developers which are fast, bug-free and are secured.

Site Security- They know the latest security practice in web standards and how to apply them in the development process.

Features– If you want Ecommerce, better search, contact forms, analytics or any features for your website, they know which are the best plug-ins to support your requirements.

Maintenance– They offer maintenance services for your website, so that expert help is available for any technical problems encountered.

Most importantly of all, hiring a professional WordPress developer saves you a lot of time and money since it frees you time from your website matters, and you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

Our Refined Process & Workflow

If you want to build a site for your business from scratch or just want to upgrade your CMS, we at Micrologic Solutions can definitely help you in this regard. Our digital marketing and web development agency has been in the market for a couple of years now.

Our team of professional designers can create a luxurious customized WordPress site for you that will speak volumes about your business and brand. We will implement responsive features and Search Engine Optimization(SEO) so your business can get qualified leads from visitors on your site. Do check out our portfolio below; our growing number of clientele is a testimonial of our hard work and diligence.

Phase 1: Needs Analysis

Our WordPress website design services always start with your business requirements.  We gather and jot down every detail regarding their business like brand identity, features they need and how they want their website to be.

Phase 2: Objectives Setting

The purpose of engaging our service; whether it is a business site that builds visitors’ confidence or an ecommerce which specifically aims at selling a product or service.


Phase 3: Design

We ask the client to provide us with all the resources we need to incorporate into their business site. The resources can include their brand story, images of products or their business, contact information, staff members etc.

We then proceed to offer our clients the three packages we offer. They can choose either one of the packages from basic, business, and premium plans. Each package has its own feature; which really depends on what each client requires. If the client is content with the features offered in basic, we proceed with it.

Phase 4: Development

After approving the design theme, plugins, and other features, we commence design and building work. After the client’s approval, we set the” live” their completed site.

We’ve Got You Covered

Since 2010, we have completed many customized WordPress projects for our clients. Our clients range from small businesses to medium to large enterprises spanning across various industries. Our designs and techniques help to flourish and strengthen our client’s business due to our personalized touch to their projects.

Micrologic Solutions is the only WordPress website design company that understands that your website is a true expression of your brand and business; To make that first impression successful, we build a modern, luxurious sites for our clients.

There are many things we can do for you; from building your business site incorporating the features you need to making sure you can be found via popular search engines. WordPress is a platform that has much to offer. We work according to your needs, whether you are just a new business start-up or need an upgrade, 

Whether you are just a new business start-up or need an upgrade, Micrologic Solutions have the answer to them!

Customized Websites Design

Your site, your brand ambassador.

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We customize your website in order for it to correctly reflect your brand image. WordPress is the best option for businesses looking to have their own customized website as it provides enormous choices and options for customizations, from navigation to text styles to color schemes and features that you can choose from with just a click of the mouse. But the biggest perk of working with WordPress is the ease and efficiency it provides; WordPress’ elements such as creation of  webpages, changing of site contents such as copywritings,  images, colors scheme, menu and website URL are so easy to handle that you can do change them yourself in the long run even if the website is heavily customized during its development stage. This is the beauty of WordPress.


WordPress Website Theme Setup

Responsive web design is also SEO Web Design

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Though impressive as it is when you install a WordPress theme straight from the depository, there are some basic setup requirements to fulfil before we commence your project proper. One important setup we will definitely do after installing the chosen theme is to set up its child theme.; A child theme ensures that all customizations that are done, like changing of the logo image, color scheme, text styles etc, are maintained. Otherwise, the main theme will result to its default when you apply updates as it becomes available. Other than that, we will also install plugins that provide features your site requires like a firewall, contact form and even eCommerce functionality.

Search Engine Optimization

Get found by your customers

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It’s just crazy for anyone to assume that there will be visitors once they launch their website. With billions of webpages existing on the internet and millions of new websites emerging per day, your site is just a needle in a haystack! Our design services incorporate search engine optimization techniques into WordPress CMS to ensure that your business can be found on top ranking pages of popular search engines. This helps pull visitors to your traffic and ensures consistent traffic to your website, which helps to flourish your business in return. Search engine optimization techniques such as keywords, inbound and outbound linking and optimized content are the features of SEO that your designer will use. So, refer to a company that specializes in this aspect as well.

Mobile Responsive Design

Capture mobile traffic and see your business grow.

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Many people view websites via devices other than from a computer. Therefore, it is crucial that your website is responsive to view via mobile devices. i.e. your website should provide the same layout and look for people viewing it from a mobile or tablet because if your website is not responsive, many elements such a font size and the content’s layout become jumbled up when viewed on mobile or worst they cannot navigate between pages in your websites causing them to leave which will be a loss to your business. Therefore, incorporating mobile responsive design is the way for your website to capture mobile traffic too.

WordPress Website Maintenance Service

Keep your website running smoothly

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Despite of the fact that WordPress has made things so much simpler, its better to leave the task of site maintenance to the experts. This helps to free up your time so that you can work on your business and not in it! Also, it ensure that:  

  • Your website is running well.
  • Regular backups to the site’s database and files are executed and they can be restored to a working state.
  • You employ the latest security and management practices on your website.
  • It does not cost that much!

Responsive Design For Mobile

The advent of smart devices results in the great shift of web browsing from computer to mobile devices. As the number of people viewing webpages through their mobile devices is increasing exponentially; it is crucial that your site is responsive when it comes to tablets and mobile phones.

With mobile responsive design, your website will provide the same layout and look for people viewing it from a mobile or tablet. Otherwise, if your website is not responsive, many elements, such a font size and the layout of the content, become jumbled up or worst navigation breaks, causing your website visitors to think your website has broken and leaves, resulting in missed business opportunities.


Here are our answers to some common queries about our design services. If you still have queries, you may check with us.

How do i go about updating my WordPress website?
Updating your WordPress website is easy, unlike HTML(HyperText Markup Language) sites, which depend heavily on the website designer to do the necessary updating; after launching your website, we will provide you with the necessary information to log in to the backend of your WordPress website where you can make the necessary tweaks easily. We will teach you how to do so during the hand-over. If you want us to do the edits for you, we will be glad to do so for you with a small service fee.
Why should I choose your WordPress Website Design service?

Having a great website design is equivalent to having a well laid out physical store. They are inviting and they set lasting impression on your clients. A great web design is akin to a great physical store design under the magical touch of a great visual merchandizer thus why wait? We are the ultimate choice as your reliable WordPress website design company!

Is WordPress really free?

We thought so initially, and we found that is not really true; you can download and install WordPress for free on your web server, but to create a decent website with the features you need for your business, you will need to buy the following:
1) It’s pretty limited when you build website using WordPress alone thus paying for a builder or theme makes development much easier on WordPress.
2) Certain features require paid plugins or most require you to pay for them to enjoy the full feature of the plugin.

Of course, there are free themes and plugins available, but they are pretty limited with what you can do with them.

Are WordPress sites safe?
There are definitely risks of cyberattacks when you host your website on any platform, even HTML websites. The great thing about WordPress is there are security firewall plugins that you can install to secure your website. Therefore, its popularity has explained that you can secure your WordPress website effectively against cyberattacks.
Is WordPress a web design?
No, it is not, WordPress is a Content Management System(CMS) platform that you can usually find its application for Organization’s website and Ecommerce.
Why should you use WordPress for your business?
As WordPress is the first choice for most websites on the internet, that means you have no problem in sourcing reliable talents to work on your company’s webpage. With the limitless number of plugins that are available on the market, the sky is the limit when you want to have your company’s site designed.

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