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Capture more customers by increasing visitors traffic to your website through giving your brand a fresh new online outlook and features it needs so it can help your business capture the maximum lead by conforming to the latest internet trends.

Did you know 66 % of people stay on a website that has pleasant and aesthetic designs and graphics rather than relying on plain text? Visitors are drawn to a website that has responsive, luxurious and beautiful designs and layout rather than a plain website with just plain content. Whether you are a business owner, blogger or an eCommerce website, you need to have up – to – date content and material on your website.

Why You Should Revamp It Now?

As a business’s site is getting ever important nowadays, you should revamp and redesign your website to:

  • Shun outdated and old designs.
  • Create a better user interface for your visitors.
  • Update your CMS and incorporate SEO techniques to have a better search engine ranking.
  • Have a design that is conducive for growth.
  • Provide value-driven contents.

High-quality User Interface(UI) designs are important to capture the attention of your visitors to keep them interacting with your website. Therefore, if your site lacks a good design, then your chances of turning a visitor into a potential client are limited. Here are some services we provide in this regard.

  • Landing page redesign and optimization
  • Content copywriting
  • Responsive redesign service
  • Search Engine optimization
  • Ecommerce
  • Maintenance services

    Your Reliable Redesign Company

    Redesigning a company’s site is perhaps one of the most nerve-wrecking tasks for a business owner. Why not take up one of our website redesign services packages? Our many years of experience help in making the process easy and efficient. Micrologic Solutions specializes in custom, sale driven and value-driven content and designs. We have worked with enterprise-level SMEs, and we guarantee to show you the same diligence.

    Our Services

    Landing Page Redesign & Optimization

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    A landing page is a powerful tool businesses use to turn a visitor into a customer. Therefore, it has to wield enough convincing power to make this happen. It should have all the features of a well-crafted call to action writing and design that will make visitors subscribe or reach out to you. At Micrologic solutions, we offer the following features when you sign up for our landing page package:
    1. Landing page responsive design.
    2. Call-to-action button and content.
    3. Eye-catching headlines
    4. Visual images and simplicity
    5. SEO

    Copywriting Services

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    We adopt cutting edge Artificial Intelligence(AI) technologies in our topic research to identify relevant topics for your webpage. Next, under the magic pen of our professional copywriters, we are able to provide superb and comprehensive call to action content and amazing copywriting content that will surely help your business flourish.

    Search Engine Optimization

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    We first devise an optimized SEO strategy to have your site rank well in the search engines for the right keywords. We will first perform a full SEO audit to identify gaps to close, then implement techniques such as backlinks, inbound links, content optimization for keywords, and key phrases to improve results.
    Small businesses especially need SEO to help increase visitor traffic, which will, as a result, flourish their business.

    Responsive Redesign

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    At Micrologic Solutions, our professional design team are the cream of the crop who efficiently apply a responsive redesign process when we work on your new sites. We did due diligence to make sure the layout and User Interface(UI) are up-to-date and has all the features of a new modern web design. As such, a separate mobile site is no longer required.

    Considerations You Should Take

    Nowadays your company’s site is an invaluable asset, when it is correctly utilized, can promote your brand really well. Therefore, it is important that you consider the following while you look to revamp it.

    1. Social media integration.
    2. Off-page and on-page Search engine optimization.
    3. Compatibility
    4. Mobile responsiveness
    5. Theme update
    6. Layout update
    7. CMS update
    8. Hosting
    9. Coding

    Benefits of Engaging Website Redesign Services with Micrologic Solutions

    The end results are consistent when you choose Micrologic Solutions for your website redesigning services. You will get a website that is ready to serve your business by increasing the traffic to your website which helps to grow your business.



    You will expect the following:
    • We align the website design of your choice with your brand identity can target customers.
    • We carefully select he best keywords to bring the most relevant potential customer traffic to your website.
    • We incorporate features that allows your website to serve your business like analytics, contact forms, call to actions, landing page etc.
    • injecting our know how in the website redesign process yielding a website that is beautiful and it generates leads.

    Our team consists of professionals who are top of their work. The best thing about our services is that we use new project management style to ensure that time, scope, and cost are aligned properly.

    We work on deliverables by continuing enhancing your sites according to your demand. We use agile development techniques for this purpose.

    If you feel you are not getting any good leads even when you have a good website at your disposal, maybe it’s time to revamp and redesign your website and hire a professional team that can add value, efficiency, simplicity and eye-catching headlines and images.


    Engage Us Now!

    Our team consists of professionals who are top of their work. The best thing about our website redesigning services is that we use a new project management style to ensure that time, scope, and cost are aligned properly. We work on deliverables by continuing to enhance your sites according to your demand. We use agile development techniques for this purpose.

    If you feel you are not getting any good leads even when you have a good website at your disposal, maybe it’s time to revamp and redesign your website and hire a professional team that can add value, efficiency, simplicity and eye-catching headlines and images.


    Here are our answers to some common queries about our services website redesign. If you still have queries, you may check with us.

    Why opt for website redesign services?

    Websites should be redesigned to keep up with the current market trends. Companies are redesigning their website, besides making them more user-friendly to ensure better accessibility for their customers, they add features such as a blog, contact form, add an opt-in box for their customers to subscribe to their newsletter. With these upgrades, it enables businesses to offer better service experiences for their customers thus enhancing their sales. 

    Our website redesign services gives your website a fresh new look while maintaining the quality of your contents. Website redesign helps a lot in making sure that the user interface on your site is aesthetically pleasing as well as it helps in getting the message across to your users clearly.

    Why should I revamp my website design now?

    You should redesign your website now because in today’s economy, it’s very important to keep up with the hottest trend and that is to establish a strong online presence. A well designed website not only boost your brand image or provide excellent value to your customers. It can be your best digital sales champion to bring new business leads and it is an excellent tool to help scale up your business. It’s important that you also make sure that you are optimizing your website for the search engine, to bring in your business prospects, otherwise you will end up wasting more money on your website instead.

    How many revisions can I make in the design?

    It depends on the package you’ve signed up. Our Express packages offers up to 3 revisions while other offers more. We offer 3 revisions because we are confident that our work will satisfy you within 3 revisions. However if you have a change of mind and require more revisions, you can always take up our revisions add-on packages.

    How much does it cost to redesign a website?
    How do I choose the web design agency that's best fit for my business?

    You need to look at:

    • Their experience – They have high customer service ratings and that can provide references from previous clients. They are also responsive to questions you have for them.
    • They are able to provide proof of their experience; the portfolio of websites they have designed for other clients.
    • Whether their fees are reasonable for you.
    • Their customer service.

    Have a conversation with the designers who will be working on your website, and assess if they have the right competency to handle your project.

    How much does it cost to maintain a website?

    Fees for our website maintenance services is charged yearly. Visit our website maintenance services to page to see the kind of packages and fees we offer.

    How often should you redesign your website?

    Every time you make a change to your site, there’s a chance that your audience will not accept the new design, and they may lose interest. We recommend you change it every six months where necessary.

    What are the ways to plan website redesigning?

     First of all, you need to know what you want and what it is that you’re trying to achieve in your website redesigning project; for example, do you want to update the content or do you want to change the look and feel of your website? Do you want to add a new feature like contact forms, blogs or even integrate with your social media profile page.  Once you know what you want, then you can think about how you’re going to achieve those goals.

    As a guideline, we will recommend you to look at the following:

    1) Is your web hosting server providing enough resources for your redesigned website? The aspects to focus on is the kind of storage capacity allocated to your subscription and as for speed, you should already have a feel of what it is like with your existing website.

    What should i do when my customers complain about our new website design?

    It depends on the platform your website is on. If your website is on WordPress, Wix etc, yes you can implement e-commerce system for your website.

    Why is designing important for your website?

    Here are our top 5 tips for building a solid online presence on the web:

    • Create an appealing website.
    • Have a social media marketing plan.
    • Advertise using paid ads
    • Analyse your results
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

    To have an enhanced social media presence and the services we offer, contact us straight away!

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