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Our website maintenance and support service is perfect for any business who needs their website to work consistently to generate visitor traffic. We’ll do all the work for you… so that you can focus on your business.

Site maintenance are typically overlooked, but they are essential to ensure that your website operates stably and securely. If you put off website maintenance to save money, you may not realize that your website that have developed security breaches that enlarges as time passes thus resultantly, you may be compelled to pay for expensive major repairs or even complete overhaul. A well-kept website will load quicker, rank higher, generate more sales, function more consistently, and save you money on storage space and hosting.

What Happens When There is No Maintenance?

If your business neglects on its site maintenance on a regular basis, the following are outcomes of what business will face:


Out Of Date CMS

Content Management Systems(CMS) is actually a piece of software that requires regular updating alongside with its plugins and themes. They are the heart that drives your website, like the Operating System(OS) to your computer. Developers are working round the clock to release the latest patch to either enhance security or software process so that they run securely and smoothly. If you miss the updates, it becomes susceptible to security breaches which ultimately break. Besides applying the necessary updates regularly, our website maintenance and support services also cover identification of obsolete plugins, which we will remove and replace them with another that offers similar feature, including setting up this new plugin.

Outdated Content

The last thing you want to have on your site is outdated material that doesn’t accurately represent the messages you want to convey. This is the most important reason to keep it updated since it improves the user experience and can increase conversion rates.

Security Breaches

If you believe that cyber criminals are not interested in your small website” you are wrong! Many of the cases we have handled are small businesses requesting help with their compromised site; the damage is devastating and a stressful one.

Take, for instance, one particular client that we have helped with had their email system hacked. This affects several of their email accounts, resulting in them sending thousands of automated SPAM emails per day, thus resulting in a complete email system shutdown and days of outage that follows. Upon our further investigation, the root cause was an outdated website, infiltrated by malware which ultimately took control over the email system.

Cybercriminals are definitely hungry for your web server resources. As typical small business websites have their web and email servers linked, a compromised business site opens doorways for such breaches. Once taken over, these resources can serve as a part of a Crypto-currency mining chain, free Bitcoins for them, or as a node within a malicious bot-net to help them orchestrate their next attack. These usually manifest as malicious codes execution on your web server, thus slowing your site down. They can also control your email resources to send out thousands of phishing emails to expand their resource pool by attacking many more unsuspecting users.

Site Crash

The end result is apparent if you skip maintenance; your website ultimate doesn’t run properly or, worse, complete impairment of its functionality due to security attacks. When this occurs, the only way to fix this is to recover an uninfected backup and perform the necessary remedy to fix any security loophole. In a lot of cases, there are no backups, thus leading to exploration of website redesign services as an alternative.

Website Maintenance Checklist

Regular maintenance helps in detecting and resolving many of the issues we have listed above. In order to keep your site functioning smoothly so that performance may be maximized, we recommend monthly or quarterly checks on the following areas of your website:

Site Performance

A straightforward way to analyze your website for any setback is to have it run through Google Analytics. This will give you a comprehensive report of website traffic, speed, page loading speed, bounce rate, etc. But of course, we use some other tools to examine closely aspects that the analytics tool cannot cover to identify the root cause of a problem.

Site Security

Because of its attractiveness, it is common that WordPress sites fall prey to hostile malware and malicious codes. Thus, running regular security scans to discover any defects is an excellent way to ensure your site does not become a victim to these malicious factors.

Broken links, also known as 404 errors, are bad for your site’s user experience since they prevent users from finding what they are searching for. Another common fault we see is unintentional redirects and all these affect SEO performance.
Our website maintenance and support services include link check to ensure that we address all broken links and redirects are there as intended.
Your site’s database is where all user content, theme and plugin settings and other information is stored.  As your CMS is updated, it may warrant the latest version of the database for a more secure and seamless operation. We can update your database as required.
Content Audits
Part of our website maintenance and support services is to perform a content audit which accesses how your content is performing and identifies gaps. It is a great way to improve your website’s SEO and overall performance. The way to get a good search engine ranking is to provide fresh and updated content for your visitors.

5 Key Website Maintenance Costs

Business owners know that today it’s imperative to have regular website checks. Over 90% of small and medium and large enterprises go through weekly, monthly, and yearly website checks to keep their websites in proper shape. Many are investing hugely in website maintenance and support services, which make up 50% of their website budget.

These investments are of 5 types.

The domain name and website hosting

Domain name and hosting is one of the top investment maintenance costs that companies prioritize when making a website or following up with maintenance. A domain name is a name that is specific to your company and appears in the URL of your website, e.g. xyz.com.sg. In many cases, a company may have a few domain names pointing to the same website.

Website hosting is the server space that holds your website’s files. A typical hosting service bundles email as part of the service package.

Renewal can take place every year or biannually. We offer a comprehensive web hosting package suitable for startup to high – traffic web applications such as ecommerce or blogs.

Security maintenance

It’s increasingly common nowadays to see small websites getting compromised, and we have witnessed the devastating effects it has on a business from unwarranted frequent email outage to blacklisting by search engines as malicious sites. The cost of the damage far outweighs the investments put into security maintenance. Thus, investments in security maintenance ensures that:

  • You have put in place the latest security framework for your website to deter cyber threats.
  • Your site visitors can browse, interact or even transact on your website with the assurance that their data is safe.
  • Security flaws in your website are rectified before they become a real compromise to your business.
  • You are able to recover from security breaches swiftly and resume operations should a security compromise occurs.

Website improvements

Website improvements usually cover the following aspects:

  • Regular updates to CMS and plugins
  • Replacement of defunct plugins
  • Incorporation of new features
  • Changes to site/page layout
  • Adding more contents to website
  • Site cleanup like removing old contents or content refresh

Technical maintenance

In the event of technical difficulties, the presence of a competent technical support is both reassuring and empowering. Investments in technical maintenance offers:

  • Expertise opinion in future implementation like feature upgrade feability of your website.
  • Timely and effective resolution to technical issues with your website should it arise.
  • Execution of upgrade plans to your website.

Complete Maintenance Package

Our comprehensive Maintenance Package Services is there to back you up. Our objective is to ensure your website is running well while you focus on managing your business.

Website backup and archiving

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Backups and archiving should be done on a frequent basis, both automatically and manually. If necessary, backups will be utilized to restore the website, which can be a lifesaver. We have seen countless examples where companies have to ditch their existing website as it’s plagued by malware infections rendering it useless.

We at Micrologic Solutions back up your site before it goes live on our servers, and once you start adding content to it, such as content, multimedia, etc., your website will continue to increase in size and content. It is critical to back up this data on a regular basis, just like any other data, and we do it effectively.

Email accounts

Creation of email accounts

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In a typical startup hosting environment, the website and email share the same hosting resources. Thus, users will need to be very particular about space allocation of each email account to prevent overconsumption, which is a common cause of service outages. Our maintenance package covers the following email services:

  1. Creation of email accounts and setting of strong password and quota.
  2. Setting up of email clients on computers such as Microsoft Outlook to manage email.
  3. Troubleshooting of emails related problems like cannot receive or how to configure mail clients.
  4. Backing up of emails.
  5. Technical consultancy services for email related issues such as phishing or malware attacks.

CMS and plugins update

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It’s no surprise that many businesses have a content marketing strategy because it may double website conversion rates. A content management system, on the other hand, is an essential component of any content marketing plan (CMS).

We at Micrologic solutions offer a standard or customized CMS maintenance plan package, that is vital for your business to keep it up to date with security patches and regular updates. With our expertise, your CMS will stay safe and functioning if you maintain it regularly. Plus, with most upgrades, your team will have access to additional features and tools. We also offer regular plugin updates and checks.

Technical Support

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From defective contact forms to broken integration, a website might suffer from a range of problems. Your business can rely on us for resolutions. We assure you will get the proper functioning of your website with our expert help. Our tech support resolves technical issues such as:

  • Contact forms not working
  • Broken links(Error 40x)
  • Server error(Error 50x)
  • Provisioning of email accounts and troubleshooting email synchronizing problem.
  • Restoration of the website if it crashes.
  • Troubleshooting and restoration of website in case of security compromise.
  • CMS Password reset
  • Perform migration to a new service provider
  • Documentation such as cPanel and CMS credentials.

After Hours Maintenance

Creation of email accounts

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We also provide after-hour services, which means this is the work we do outside our regular working hours. Micrologic solutions operate 24/7 to give its customers the best after-hours services as well. Our after-hour services include a complete website maintenance package which includes general updates and maintenance, technical support, CMS update, web hosting maintenance, and domain maintenance among many other services. These services are beneficial for our clients who may need extra work or are available at specific hours. Because we work for additional hours, we charge extra / premium for these after-hour services. 


Regular security assessment and application of best practices

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The 3 most common ways’ website faces security compromise are as follows:

  • Malware
  • Code/ SQL injection
  • Password Attack

Cybercriminals are innovating their means every day to hack into a website in order to gain control of its resources for illicit purposes that can adversely compromise your business. Our website security service prevents your website from such attacks by offering the following:

  • Implementing the latest security frameworks
  • SSL Implementation or updating which help ensure a safe surfing experience for your customers.
  • Regular updates to CMS and plugin
  • Perform regular security scans and analyzing your website for potential security flaws
  • Implement admin or user authorization or 2- step identification(2FA) procedures
  • Install an advanced firewall to prevent cyber-attacks.

E-commerce Maintenance

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If you own an e-commerce business, you already know how important your payment system is. Accepting, processing, and fulfilling orders become impossible without your payment system, resulting in a significant drop in income.

As a result, e-commerce maintenance or support is critical for your business. Your service provider maintains your e-commerce system safe, up-to-date, and operational via eCommerce system support. When system faults occur, your team may submit a complaint and the service provider will investigate it. Ecommerce system support, like tech support, will give an expected turnaround time.

Service Packages

Our service package covers all your website maintenance needs as follows:


Here are our answers to some common queries about website maintenance and support services. If you still have queries, you may check with us.

What Is Website Maintenance?
The process of routinely reviewing your site for bugs and errors, keeping its system updated and content current, is known as website maintenance. In order to ensure a healthy site and to boost your SEO and Google ranks, you must do this on a routine basis.
What do the site maintenance fees include?

Our website maintenance and support services fees include the following:

  • Quarterly technical site maintenance
  • Content Management System(CMS), site themes and plug-in update.
  • Security audit, scanning and enhancement.
  • Site Backup.
  • Storing of site backups on our server
  • Database update and optimization
  • SSL license
  • Domain registration fee
  • Hosting fee
  • Contents update.
Should I outsource or DIY my website maintenance?
If you opt for DIY website maintenance, you are devoting time and effort to maintaining it rather than other aspects of your business. Employing a professional web design firm to do so helps your company prosper by saving you money. Further, the experts can offer insights to improve your site and apply the latest industry’s best practice.
Why security patches are so important?
Security patches are important because they prevent malware, code injection, service denial, and security hacks that could compromise your site, resulting in expensive repair or damage.
Why do website maintenance costs vary so much?

The cost of website maintenance varies widely according to a variety of factors, including:

  • The size and structure of your website i.e. It’s complexity
  • The kind of expertise required e.g. maintenance fee of an informational website will be much lower than an eCommerce website
  • The kind of maintenance resources your website requires i.e. if your website requires more frequent monitoring, it will then warrant higher maintenance fees.
  • Your choice of website services you need

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