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Web Design And SEO Services

We incorporate Search Engine Optimization in our web design projects which is a proven method to help our clients earn more visitor traffic, generate qualified business leads, and thus increase their revenue from sales when they rank top on popular search engines.

Lead Generation

We believe your website can do much more than providing information nowadays. Therefore, we take careful considerations in planning for traffic generation in our web design projects, so it ranks well in the search engine. We believe this is the first step in allowing your potential customers to find your business easily.

What is the Problem?

Many business websites fail at generating visitor traffic for their websites because they do not consider the number 1 reason why they want a website in the first place, which is visitor traffic. What is a mega mall like if there is not a single shopper? Likewise, a web designing process that neglects SEO practices is counterproductive.

As a result, your extremely low visitor traffic website is just an expensive white elephant that sucks in maintenance fees instead of helping you generate business leads.

Many considerations are put in place when optimizing a website to rank well in the search engines, , like the selection of suitable keywords, formatting of the page, its contents, the load speed, architecture, sitemap and more. Without these, your website is just a needle buried deep within a humungous haystack and is nowhere to be found.

How about engaging an SEO provider to do the job?

Search Engine Optimization experts may not provide both services as a package. They are also notorious for coming up with websites that suck in design! Agencies that offer both services as a package help companies cut down on costs and eliminate the hassles of working with two separate providers.

It’s Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Unlike typical web design companies, which only deals with coming up, organizing, and implementing the visual aspects of your website, leaving a void to the issue to bringing traffic to your website, we are a web design and SEO company which deal with how best a website is found online and offline.

We combine the best of the two; web design and SEO services, so our clients get to enjoy the many benefits this union provides, like marked reduction in expenses and the hassle of multi-agency management.

Web Design

We are committed to specific tasks of promoting your website, in addition to ensuring the design is interactive and professional.

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Web design and SEO are specialized tasks; there are many pitfalls that could result when doing it, or worst, can turn out to be costly. Take, for instance, copying content from other websites and incorporating the same content on your own will result in your lowering your search ranking, the #1 killer of eCommerce websites. Besides, companies that provide web design and SEO services possess a streamlined process that utilizes effective tools and implements industry best practices for designing a website that gives better user experience for customers without excessive cost.

While non-experts are only capable of getting any kind of traffic to your website using ad-hoc SEO tactics, we differ as we possess the knowledge and experience of providing SEO and design solutions that drive relevant traffic to your site. It is really about quality versus quantity; you certainly do not want to waste money, time and efforts getting irrelevant traffic that does not end up converting to customers.

Finally, there are various methods for promoting your website, including advertising and content marketing. Any agency that is qualified and experienced in providing web design and SEO services will not be lost in all these and MicroLogic Solutions is one of them. We understand that different strategies and methods will work for specific businesses and therefore, our first priority as a SEO web design company is to understand one that works for your case. Applying one that does not work for your type of business and website may result in counterproductive results.


SEO Audits

Know how well your website perform.

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Without a map, you can’t reach your destination. Likewise, you can’t achieve the results you want without knowing where your website stands. Our SEO Audit service helps in identifying areas you need to focus on and closing gaps will help you reach your business objectives.

Keyword Research

Find the right keyword that directs the right traffic to your website.

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While many Search Engine Optimization agency tout top search ranking, the issue here is are they ranking your business for the right keyword?

Take an electrician service business, for instance; would the business owner prefer his website to appear in the search engine results for someone who is researching for some information on DIY electrical repairs, as he is ranked for the “electrical repairs” keyword? How about if we rank the same website for “electrical repair services” instead? This website will be presented to people who are actively looking to use the service of an electrician instead.

Our keyword research service helps you unveil relevant and quality keywords that you can use to rank well for your business that drives the kind of people you want to your website.


Content Research

Stuck with the blinking cursor of death with no idea of what to write for your website? Let us help you out.

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Search Engine Optimization is a non – ceasing competition between you and your competitor. Our content research service helps you identify content gaps and enlighten you with topics that you should incorporate on your webpage to outrank your competitors and provide more value for your clients.

Responsive Web Design

Capture the mobile traffic

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Responsive website designing allows webpages to render well on any device of any screen size – including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops etc. It’s many benefits includes:

Capture mobile traffic

The key intention for responsive web design is to allow your website to capture mobile traffic as more internet users are shifting to browsing the web via their mobile devices. More traffic equates to more business opportunities.

Better customer satisfaction
A responsive website offers better usability and customer satisfaction as your website can serve them anywhere! Our design process ensures that the content, design, visual aspects, and website performance are all effective when the website is opened on any device.


Web design firms used to adopt adaptive design styles to cater to the demands for mobile browsing. Such websites are static in nature; they are designed in different styles, with each style fitting a different screen width such that the style that suits the user’s device is pulled out for display from the among many styles available for different devices.

Responsive web design requires lesser development efforts than adaptive website design because, in the latter, a company offering web design solutions will have to design separately for different screen widths. Responsive websites are much easier to design and maintain and offer a better experience for the user.

It ranks better

Google rewards mobile – friendly sites with better search engine ranking. Thus, your website will generate more visitor traffic when you incorporate responsive web design.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

The art of organizing your website to be search engine friendly.

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Improving your rankings on search engines and maintaining them is, naturally, is the best way of increasing your traffic. MicroLogic Solutions, your professional SEO web design company, commits to specific tasks of promoting your website in addition to ensuring the design is interactive and attractive. The obvious result of striving to get more traffic is an increase in your brand’s visibility and popularity. Relevant and high quality traffic sees you closing more direct sales from your visitors and, thus, your business generates more income, and you see revenue soar.

Your best business strategy should be going for the low – hanging fruit, i.e. increasing traffic to your website without spending a lot of time and money posting ads. This is done by putting in place a SEO strategy for your business.

As you might be aware, SEO is not a one – off instant activity as some may be made to believe. It is a continuous effort which rewards your business handsomely if well executed. As such, a dedicated SEO strategy will:


As SEO strategies and ranking algorithms keep changing,  a dedicated SEO strategy ensures you commit to putting in place the basics of SEO as well as regularly updating your SEO tactics.


It ensures you put into place a team or outsource a company to monitor your SEO status and optimize the website as required. This team or SEO web design company will be tasked with the responsibilities of finding the cheapest and most effective methods of optimizing your website from time to time.

Copywriting & Strategy

Not everybody has that flairs with a pen so why not leave that taks with a professional.

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A successful website is more than just a site that generates visitor traffic; it has the ability to convince and convert through effective writing.

Copywriting is just as much of a creative process as any other type of writing. In fact, it is much more creative than most people realize because it requires you to think about your audience in a whole new way and to put yourself in your audience’s shoes. In short, it is the language of sales.

Our copywriters create great copies for your web page; a highly technical skill that involves the art of persuading someone to do what you want them to do. Our unique strategy integrates the technical aspect of search rankings into great articles to achieve the objectives of a successful website.

Audience Analytics

Measure your website performance with the right analytics tool to identify your north star for your business growth.

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We help you create and set up your website to integrate with the various webmaster tools, so you can accurately measure how each page performs and identify potential problems that adversely affect your site’s rankings.

MicroLogic Differences

MicroLogic Solutions is your ultimate choice for a SEO web design company. We emphasize on the effectiveness of the web content in both their primary design and SEO tasks. We believe that by balancing both aspects result in a website that provides good usability to the audience. Therefore, if your website provides useful content that is easy to navigate, coupled with elegant designs, this entices your customers to come back for more thus result in good website ranking on the search engines.

When providing web design solutions and SEO, we put in place qualified and experienced experts for the task at hand. They devise professional strategies and execute appropriate design process as follows:


Goals & Objectives

Define goals and objectives of the website e.g. increase in inquiries or leads thus increasing sales or better brand recognition.

Market Research

We study your market and your top competitors. Next, we will devise an implementation plan for your website design and search engine optimization strategies for your target market.

Keyword Research

An in-depth of what keywords are commonly searched for in your industry, what’s its demands and the selection of which words to use to rank your website.


Content consolidation like accolades, case studies, copywriting for your website, images then development proper for the website.

Digital Marketing Foundation Booster

There are countless avenues you can promote your business digitally today and measure its performance. To ensure your business is equipped with the right arsenal of tools to start scaling up, we incorporate our Digital Marketing Foundation Booster services for your projects when you engage us. It features the following:

Google My Business (GMB) helps you manage your business information like address, hours of operation, phone number etc. and help you build your business’s online reputation. When you list on GMB, people can find and learn about your business on the Google Map; beside seeing all the information you’ve listed there, your customers can leave review about their experiences with your company thus allowing others to see how good your services are.

Personalized review link and QR Code to help your business simplify the process of collecting customer’s review. A simpler process means more customers reviews and thus more credibility and a stronger online reputation.

Google Search Console provides you insights to how Google crawls your site, identifies problems which hinders your ranking performances as well as traffic performance of a particular webpage. It is a must-have tool for business to check their Search Engine Optimization(SEO) performance.

Google Analytics is another must-have business analytics tool. It provides valuable data on visitors to your website, your Search Engine Marketing performance as well as your site visitor’s details like demographics, which country they are coming from, the type of devices they use to browse your website, active times and much more.

Set performance goals, measure your Search Marketing’s performance, identify your visitors demographics, the types of devices they use to browse your website and more with Google Analytics. This is an analytics tool any business must have! 

Service Packages

Our unbeatable service packages gives your business a strong online presence to help it to scale up!


Here are our answers to some common queries about web design and SEO services. If you still have queries, you may drop us an inquiry.

What is SEO web design?

SEO web design is the process of designing your website incorporating Search Engine Optimization factors. It involves devising an SEO strategy, identifying the right keywords, the type of contents to adopt and incorporating all these when building the website.


Which company provides web design and SEO services?

MicroLogic Solutions is one such company. As we provide both web design and SEO service, we are an SEO Web Design Company.

What is the best process for SEO?

While there is no definite answer to this question, we believe that a good optimization process for search engines considers the following:

  • Optimize your website for your target audience, not just search engines.
  • Don’t overdo it – you’re likely doing it wrong.
  • Focus on good design and usability.
  • Use a platform that is both intuitive and allows for customization.
  • Make sure there’s enough content, and that it’s high quality content.
  • SEO is about a lot more than keywords, which is what most people think.
  • Start with good user experience(UX) design.
  • A website needs to be built on a foundation of strong technical skills.
  • Your website should be mobile responsive – but don’t assume that the SEO will take care of itself.
  • Have a great site structure.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Use your keywords wisely.
How are web design and SEO related?

The primary role of Search Engine Optimization’s is to promote your website and bring visitors to it while web design does the job of enticing its visitors to take some action.
To bring that into perspective; what do you think will happen if you see a big newspaper advertisement that influences you to drop by the store to explore further. However, when you arrive at the shop, you find that the store is actually untidy, it has poor lighting and the staff is not helpful at all! Will you stay to look at the product and see what other products or services the store has to offer?
SEO is like a newspaper advertisement while the physical store is your website. They work closely together to turn a visitor into your customer!

Is SEO more important than the web design in these days?
Both are as important; the ultimate objective of a website is to have people to visit, interact with it. The more, the better, and to return. A good website design that elegantly formats its contents, is fluid to navigate, provides great user experience and content will do the job. What Search Engine Optimization does is to format the website in a way that facilitates the Search Engines to index your webpages and make it feel that your site should rank at the TOP of the search results, a.k.a. Search Engine Results Page(SERP). While SEO brings more traffic to your website, a good website design is vital to ensure your website retains and converts site visitors into customers.
Is it true that if SEO companies really worked, they wouldn't be offering SEO
Offering workable Search Engine Optimization services is the bread and butter of SEO companies. Like any other business, SEO companies cannot sustain if they cannot retain their customers and the way to keep their customers coming for more is to provide solutions that works! MicroLogic is one such company; we have and is still experiencing the benefits of Search Engine Optimization. Thus, we want many other companies, like us, enjoy the great returns SEO brings.
What kind of results can I expect from your SEO optimization agency?
Fundamentally, your website should appear in the Search Engine Results Page(SERP) when searching using keywords relevant to your industry. E.g, if you are a car repair workshop owner, your website should appear in the search results when searching for “oil change services for car engines”. While there are companies blatantly promising “First page ranking in Google”, which is achievable using useless keywords, we adopt the latest SEO techniques, with the help of Artificial Intelligence(AI) tools, to rank your website for keywords that bring qualified leads to your business. You should expect higher website traffic and an increase in inquiries about your product and service offerings or more purchases if your website is an online store.
What are some tips you can offer for businesses to improve their SEO?

These are some tips we have to offer to business who want to improve their SEO:

  • Posting evergreen content is one of the simplest ways advisable for SEO optimization. And while blogging ensures you can get such green content, it will keep your website authoritative in your business field and boost customers’ trust in your expertise and opinion.
  • Post blogs on third party sites or even asking for users to submit posts on your site, considering the authority of user-generated content.
  • Like said before, never forget the power of social media – ensure you have working social media pages that are alive with useful and interesting content for your audience. Then ensure that your website is integrated with social media.
  • Complement outsourced SEO and free methods of promoting your website with paid advertisements, press releases, and affiliate programs.
What are the areas you consider when incorporating responsive website designs?
Text and navigation

Adjusting to screen size is very important but also the typography, text layout and font sizes, of the website needs to be maintained across all device sizes. Besides, navigation is a critical aspect to take note. Websites that do not resize responsively as per device size may not display some or all navigation buttons or features or that these features may not be clearly visible to users.

Media size

Responsive websites are also ready for any kind of interaction whether the user is using keyboards and mouse, or touch screens such as on Android and iOS devices. This, and the aspect of the website having to adjust to different screen sizes, is not the only thing when it comes to designing a responsive website. The media, like images and videos, must be flexible enough to be served right on any device. The first step is ensuring the website has images that are reasonably sized. If the media does not resize as per the device screen size, then the user experience is poor because they may not be able to see details. Large images prevent other elements from displaying and your website users will miss out on some things.

Should a business go for mobile apps development services instead of responsive website designs?
Some of our customers have debated about whether to start with a mobile app or a responsive website. Compared to responsive websites, mobile apps can be very expensive to build and require more time, in addition to the fact that they will be customized to each mobile operating system and may not work for PCs. Therefore, our recommendation for a business would be responsive websites.

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