MicroLogic SQL Server Recovery

Got stuck with an unwarranted crash of your SQL Server, we help you resume operation quickly minimizing damages due to loss of data.

SQL Server Recovery

Whether your SQL database become corrupted or has locked, or your hard drive or RAID has failed, our experts can recover your data, and get your system functioning again. The SQL server is made up of two main parts; the SQL MDF database file, which contains all your data, and the log file.

Generally speaking, the log file serves to prevent corruption in the MDF, it is like an index which records changes to the database before it actually happens. If a change does not manifest correctly, or due to the unforeseen, the log file can correct errors before they reach the MDF. This works well most of the time; there are however instances in which it will not, and, of course in most cases when the MDF becomes corrupted, the safety mechanism locks your database to prevent further damage. The database still exists but it becomes inaccessible.

Why engage Our SQL Server Recovery Service?

In MicroLogic, your data is the backbone of your business  We understand how difficult situation can develop if the database becomes inaccessible thus we are focused on speed, efficiency, and precision in diagnosis, repair, and recovery, to get you back in business as soon as possible. Our SQL Server Recovery Service recovers as much of your data as we can, (up to 99% in most cases) as well as diagnose and repair whatever caused the corruption in the first place be it due to a hardware fault, for instance, damage to the storage within the server or a software error. In any case, you will never need to start over from scratch.

Unless the problem was caused by a faulty hard drive, RAID, or some other type of hardware, we can handle the recovery remotely in just a couple of hours, so your downtime will be minimal. If the problem is hardware related, we can advise and assist in expediting the corrupted media to our location, where our expert engineers can affect repairs in our certified cleanroom. We also understand that the security of your files is very important, and our strict security controls will be in place from beginning to end. We can also encrypt your database as an added level of security during hardware transit.

Don’t let a corrupted database destroy your business. Call us for fast, reliable, safe and secure service, and we will get your system fully restored in no time.

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