MicroLogic Server Installation Service

You can count on us to build a robust and secured server that goes a long way in supporting your business growth. We also offer related services to upgrade, perform configurations and repair servers for your organization.

Server Installer

A server is a computer system that is attached to a network to provide service for users within the network. Some common servers that we have helped our clients setup are as follows:

File Server– It is a device with large storage capacity.  It is a very versatile server which is usually the first server a business will use.  It functions as a central file depositary where documents like invoices, quotations, blueprints are kept.  For businesses that are looking to have a structured work process, such a server will be a vital asset in making work processes efficient. A file server can be as simple as a desktop or a NAS (Network Attached Storage) or more advanced systems known as SAN (Storage Area Network).  The type of server deployment really depends on its intended capabilities and therefore the investments price tags that come with it.

Web Server – as the name implies; it host websites.  If the business hosts the website internally then it functions to host intranet pages.  To host a website externally to the World Wide Web, www, businesses will usually opt for hosting packages since it’s more straightforward and cost effective than hosting the website themselves.

Domain Controller – This server acts as a network controller.  In the Microsoft Windows environment, we term it the Active Directory which manages users/devices authentication.  With such a server installed, a device needs to be authenticated by the domain controller in order to gain access to the network resources like file access or even to surf the web.  We usually call such network a “domain network”.  In a domain network, sides handling authentication, it automates tasks like mass software installation to clients in the network or software updates.  It also dictates what client devices (devices connected to the network) can or cannot do e.g. install their own portable devices or remove certain software.

Domain Name Server– This server helps to assign more meaningful names to devices within the network.  As it’s very difficult to identify devices by their IP addresses, which is 4 sets of numbers ranging from 0-255, a domain name server helps to “resolve” names by managing a database of names association to resources within the same network.

Application/Database Server– As a business develops, the next stage to simplify work processes is via adoption of software applications like Accounting management software to handle business’s P&L, payrolls, Enterprise Resource Planning software to handle Quotations, Purchase Orders, and Invoicing or other applications to support the operations. Most of the software will either need to be installed in a server or have its database installed in one.

We offer the following server installation service:

  • Supply, setup and install various brands of servers like HP and Lenovo
  • Setup and configuration of server
  • Upgrading of server hardware
  • Upgrading of server to support Active Directory
  • Repair of servers
  • Custom-built Servers

Why Engage our Server Installation Service?

The server is a vital device within the network; it’s either the central controller of the network or it functions as a central depository for important organization data. Any failure can cripple the entire network or impair a critical business function, therefore, good server installers place special emphases on their setup with reliability and robustness in mind.  For servers MicroLogic has installed:

  • We ensure it is setup with some form of RAID, usually mirroring, using at least two high-quality hard drives so that the server can still function even if one of the hard drives fails thus mitigating the risk of data loss.
  • We set up the right server OS on the right hardware, we have seen many businesses installed Windows Server OS on a desktop. Even though modern desktops support some form of RAID, neither the hardware nor the RAID controllers can run under Windows Server OS. While Windows OS standard drivers may overcome the lack of supportable drivers, in most cases, especially when a RAID is setup, RAID management software for these RAID controller is not supported therefore when one of the hard drives fails, it’s virtually impossible to rebuild the RAID system.

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