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Retail Managed Services

When it comes to customer satisfaction, managed services are in highest demand. MicroLogic offers an array of service options to choose from, all complementing a solid transformation into a global retail environment.

Why subscribe to Our Retail Managed Services?

The retail jungle is a brutal ground where it’s the survival of the fittest; besides keeping up with the challenges of increased overheads, labor crunch, increased competition, retail shop owners really have to pit their wits against all odds or otherwise they have to face the ill fate of attrition. That is enough to drain off most of the energy of retail owners thus they are unable to manage their Information Technology system which again requires investments in multiple areas to upkeep therefore they rather leave it to chance only to regret when a catastrophic failure occurs.

Regardless if your business is an independent retail outlet, a café, a Bistro or even a chain of retail stores, we offer services to take care of intricacies of your IT Systems to keep them running so that they serves your business instead of the other way round.

We specialize in simplifying the process, either via outsourcing or end-to-end solutions that reduce internal services workload through the following services we offer:

Help Desk Services for Retail Businesses – Helpdesk services that are dependable and often tailored to your specific needs. Support solutions are handled by trained professionals who will assist with hardware, software and procedural issues your customers may encounter. With customized coverage, remote access coupled with smart diagnostics will become quick and efficient. We offer a single contact point, offering detailed reports and management reviews.

Endpoint Security Services – Tapping on our profound experiences garnered via comprehensive reports and analytic knowledge of other retail endpoint attacks. These have helped to shape unique policies that will ensure protecting critical data in your stores. Retailers often require problem-specific solutions when addressing attacks, which are handled with a trust-based security approach. With enough confidence in verbose insights to security details, a business owner can approve or disapprove of proposed improvement measures and specific steps. Technology compliance issues and vastly different markets, along with different providers offering incompatible security strategies can get time-consuming and even prove to be obstacles to your business plan. If you’re looking to innovate in the right direction, consider a partner to help you maintain your IT infrastructure and support your retail business.

Retail Monitoring & Management Services – Utilized through cloud-based IT infrastructure and applications offering needed support, thus making full use of IT domains. This can prove to be the ultimate key at the business owner’s end, as it provides enough support for the much-wanted transition, from somewhat obsolete client/server systems to modern day cloud services. Ongoing support for transitioning end users is further reinforced by Network Operations Center (NOC) monitors.

Management of Retail Assets– This is what makes the difference between acquiring services from a group of professionals, and attempting to complete the job by yourself. Compliance is the key here, and a company devoted to tracking an inventory of items will make sure they’re up-to-date and consistent to meet your ROI demands. Besides controlling the actual purchases, you’ll also have an overview of each asset, from manufacturer to performance specifics.

Distributed Software Service– Ensure your business is always secure and competitive market-wise. Your customers will always expect a high level of service, and proven experts will ensure that. Secure package deployment and software change tracking are only parts of a standardized methodology for enterprise software use. Optimizing resources and system bandwidth, while scheduling updates and running tests that support your requirements are proven methods, ensuring timely audit reports to review the enterprise-wide level of integration.

Predictive Services for Retail– We uses a good measure of service intelligence data to speed up resolutions of particular issues. Besides keeping an eye on components nearing the service age, another feature called predictive monitoring is used to keep track of critical system component usage and behavior. After a proposed tactic is employed to resolve the problem at hand, proactive device management will ensure the optimum condition of devices that are matched to proposed usage patterns.

Retail Incident Management Services– This can mean the world to a business owner only looking to focus on his job. We analyze and investigate the issue at the endpoint, using important insights from a global database of service data. We will handle endpoint availability and use industry-leading tools to help resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Besides monitoring, we will involve you, the business owner, in the decision-making process; you’ll acquire access to tools which will make informed decisions much easier. On top of that, gathered data will make it easier to receive enhancement suggestions whereas endpoint performance is concerned.

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