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Managed VPN Services

VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows businesses to interconnect easily by creating a secured communication tunnel via the internet. It reduces network and operating costs by freeing up IT resources, simplifying network management and improving connectivity across all the office locations.  As the VPN link is encrypted, data sent and received is secured from prying eyes. It helps your businesses to gain tactical and strategic advantages such as flexibility, cost saving since it allows your office to interconnect using the internet as the medium.

The disadvantages of managing internally hosted VPN are:

  • It is a complex overhead to organizations and institutions’ WAN since they need to sign up for dedicated leased line which cost a few times more than a standard internet package at a much slower speed.
  • While a majority of own VPN networks are installed on remote workstations, they only allow access to local networks. They are preconfigured by IT (network administrators and security engineer) and may not be user-specific because necessary details may not be present. The work of end users is to launch a VPN program and enter the credentials for verification to grant access to an organization’s network. Therefore, all associated security policies may not be applied.
  • The encryption methods and supported protocols (such as Point-to-Point-Tunnel-Protocol, PPTP) makes a bad choice for picking Own VPN because they can be easily compromised. They are weak and may not provide adequate security and efficiency.

While Managed VPN Services and MPLS are advantageous to businesses because of their improved bandwidth capabilities, the divide between the two grows wider and wider with increasing geographical region. That is, if a company is sending traffic across the country, MPLS cannot reduce the latency because too much bandwidth will be consumed hence VPN is preferable.

Why Subscribe to Our Managed VPN Services?

Our Managed VPN service is a flexible and effective option for providing a secure connection to staff and business partners because it links distributed sites together and centralized servers within your business. Our Managed VPN services are user-specific and target oriented.  By subscribing to our Managed VPN Services, you get the following benefits:

Site-to-site Connection– Businesses can connect their main offices with branch offices through a shared network and extends the network services to external users (customers and business partners). Businesses and large corporations such as banks, government institutions, and educational institutions use such Managed VPN Services to secure their important resources.

Remote Access– Mobile users and workers are able to connect remotely to the business network using existing internet technologies. With such capability, collaboration across the global enterprise by sharing corporate resources and applications becomes possible. It allows unrestrained access to websites by bypassing website filters especially in countries that allow connection from the same region.

Better performance– It increases network bandwidth and efficiency as internet gateway is unable to determine the type of encrypted data traffic passing through and activate link throttling (an ISP feature that limits your bandwidth for high data contents). Once a VPN is created, maintenance costs go very low since the network setup and surveillance will no longer be a concern.

Multiple Intranet Services-It connects multiple locations and combines video, voice, and data traffic on a converged private and secured network. This balances cost features, server distribution, connectivity, and protocols. Additionally, it allows staff and business partners to use different platforms like windows Android, Linux, or iOS. Such concept is a big plus because typical internally hosted VPN services do not support a majority of these platforms.

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