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Companies are facing the pressure to remain competitive in the market.  One of the strategies they adopt is either to keep operational cost low or increase productivity via the help of technology.  Unfortunately, the latter don’t come cheap; many companies that we know faces the following challenges:

  1. IT is often complex for most to understand thus organizations often leave it at the liberty of their IT Department to determine what’s best for them.  Over time, due to a variety of reasons, the department is unable to keep up and become a hurdle to the organization’s growth.  Does it sound familiar when the Head of Marketing presents an exciting marketing proposal only to be vetoed as the IT Department lacks the competency to do so?
  1. There are many business aspects leaders of an organization need to focus on to ensure the competitiveness of the business.  Unfortunately, technology is an overlooked aspect due to lack of understanding in it.  To make this worst, in order to reduce costs, insufficient funding is given to upgrading IT competency of the organization.
  1. The situation is worst for smaller companies since they do not really have much IT needs. Instead, they end up hiring one IT staff to satisfy the limited IT needs, such as data entry, resolution of IT problems and website management resulting in extra manpower cost.

Identifying the following business needs, MicroLogic Solutions offers the largest range of Managed Services which is annual subscription based services.  If your business only requires services as required, you may browse our offerings of IT Services that are pay per use based.  Do browse below for the largest range of Managed Services we offer.

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    We have helped many companies, big or small, through our IT services to achieve their business goals within a set period of time.  If you are looking for a reliable, competent and cost efficient IT Service Provider, look no further!  Call us now at (+65) 68411697 to have a chat with our IT consultants!

    Why is MicroLogic Solutions Your Top Choice?

    Largest Range of Managed Services Available

    Largest Range of Managed Services Available

    We offer the largest range of Managed Services plans for SMB and large enterprises. Instead of adopting the traditional inside-out approach, where you look at your organization’s technological capability and decide on a business strategy, your business can now tap on capabilities available in the market to align with your business strategies. There is just this much your IT department can handle thus why not subscribe from our host of managed service packages and we will take care of different aspects of your IT needs from infrastructure to security to hosting services.
    Unparalleled Remote Monitoring Capabilities

    Unparalleled Remote Monitoring Capabilities

    We use state of the art remote monitoring system which enables us to monitor your system and infrastructure vitals remotely.  This allows us to predict imminent failure and remedy it before it actually happens.
    Our Rates are Competitive

    Our Rates are Competitive

    Our fees are laid out at a very competitive rate.  Why would we say that? Unlike typical subscription models whereas companies are charged based on man-hours, we operate on flat-rate model thus you will know exactly how much you need to pay for a service you need.
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