MicroLogic Managed Server Services

We ensure your servers is up and running all the time, secured by regular updates and potential faults identified even before they occur.

Managed Server Services

Managed Server Service indicates passing over the administration of your server to external entities like MicroLogic Solutions.  All businesses need servers of some kind, a file server to store business documents or even a database and a domain controller to manage network authentication and automates tasks.  Each type of server requires specific skills in order to ensure its running smoothly and has security loopholes patched.

Why Subscribe to Our Managed Server Services?

For businesses, small or big, the expenses of hiring network specialists may be unaffordable, this is especially smaller businesses. The good news is you can conserve a considerable part of this amount by renting out the task to us whose job is to manage the networks of various agencies.

Alternatively, businesses can consider taking up server hosting services which they subscribe to a service package they need.  Our team of specialists will take care of all aspects of the server like hardware, data backup and security etc. in our premise.  For this, we charge a monthly, but it works out far less expensive as opposed to hiring IT professionals and purchasing hardware on your own.

We perform the following tasks when you subscribe to our Manager Server Services:

Network Analysis– We look at your networking system for its strengths and weaknesses, check out the way in which your own server functions and if the hardware is ideal for your business. If there are any changes that can help improve your IT setup we shall make a recommendation to you.

Security Analysis– We access if your network and access to servers are secured.  Business owners often save cost by neglecting this aspect but this cost saving ends up with a bigger loss.  We analyze and identify security weaknesses and loopholes, sealed them so your network is secured.

Remote Monitoring– Management of System vitals remotely to minimize interruptions to your employees work due to our regular visits.  Having said that, it does not mean we eliminate site visits entirely, we will do regular visits to check the physical state of the server hardware and of course build trust and rapport with your employees.

Dawn patrol-We keep an eye within the general network system to check out potential problems that might occur as well as finding and applying remedies for all of them beforehand. They also take a look at about the server and its security prior to the business day starts to ensure that you can find no hiccups afterward during the day. Their task would be to determine vulnerable areas in the network which could make the network to malfunction and also repair these problems to ensure that you can find absolutely no server or even network downtime.

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