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Keep trespassers, malware, and Trojans away from your network so that your valuable assets are kept secured.  Find out how we can help you achieve it.

Managed Security Services

Computing revolutionized how businesses operate but at the same time, it is crucial for an organization to safeguard its information.  A minor security leak can cause an organization to lose millions if not billions of dollars to notorious hackers who are out there.  This is especially true for SMB; which such attack can paralyze their business entirely. How can a Security Breach Occur? Generally, a hacker needs the following to access your network:

  • Your internet address
  • Devices/services connected to your network
  • Their login credentials and password

There are various tools and approaches they can use to obtain this information and once this information is gathered, it really up to the creativity of the trespassers to wreck your business. Most businesses use the internet.  In order to access the internet, an internet gateway/router is used. we realized that many companies are using default credentials for their internet gateway, this is like having your main gate locked with a combination lock without having this combination changed thus allowing anyone, with some skills, remotely access, reconfigure it, gain access to your network or simply bring it down by changing some simple parameters. Another common example we see is organizations hosting their servers on the cloud without realizing that they are using common logins and weak passwords.  Another common breach we notice is the use of common login on a server.  Knowing the login means half the battle won for the hacker thus the remaining effort is to guess the weak password you are using to gain access to the server.

Why Subscribe to Our Managed Security Services?

Now you own an entire IT system to manage your business workflow, the next step is to protect it! While no network is impenetrable, our job makes it difficult for anyone to access your network resources easily. Our Managed Security Services keeps businesses operating in the safe zone.  We’ve helped many companies safeguard their network and ensure the company’s data is in safe hands. We offer the following Managed Security Services:

Threat/Vulnerability Assessments– We do on premise or remote security assessment of your entire business infrastructure to determine the likelihood of a threat that might lead to your network getting hacked or sabotaged.  We will then advise you on the best practices your organization can follow and take actions to curb the threat.

Risk Management and Analysis-We perform evaluation of the IT setup to determine if catastrophic failure events may occur. Once the potential risks are identified, we will advise on actions your business can take and execute it on your behalf.  An example will be let’s say if all your organizational data gets corrupt, due to a ransomware attack, what form of backup strategy you can take? What is your anticipated downtime and how to recover from it? Why Choose Us? No matter how secured your IT systems are, it’s not impenetrable. Our expertise makes hackers jobs extremely difficult.  Our services are very affordable thus SMBs are able to enjoy the benefits of our service offerings.

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