MicroLogic Managed Monitoring Services

24/7 monitoring of server and regular reporting so that you know your servers and network equipment are operating at their optimum.

Managed Monitoring Services

There is a critical need to maintain tight control over computing and networking resources meant for enterprise applications, servers, storage devices and networking equipment so that they are capable of handling peak demand reliably. The improved application performance, scalability, reliability, and maintenance of tight control over resources, i.e., hardware and bandwidth would help in supporting a wide range of end users access points across the different collection of devices, and the role of it expands across the enterprises.  As a result, our managed monitoring service helps in providing solutions that are designed to optimize IT infrastructure performance and also enable its flexibility to meet the current business needs and future demands.

Why Subscribe to Our Managed Monitoring Services?

With our Managed Monitoring Services, we enable your IT personnel focus more on supporting end users and simplify their jobs in managing hardware, middleware, and applications. With that said here, the benefits of subscribing to these services are as follows:

High responsiveness –We focus on a flexible bottom-up approach to delivering value by putting IT staff in control of the applications and application infrastructure while reducing the need to perform tiresome and less valuable tasks. Additionally, these services have numerous benefits that are designed to keep the applications secure, stable and responsive to the enterprise needs.

The day to day apps management – We provide a high level of support which includes security monitoring, server configuration, automatic backups and software updates. While these tasks are important, they tend to devour valuable cycles leading to detraction from more profitable activities. Thus our service helps by offering more value than mere collocation; with our expertise administering and maintaining common infrastructure and related tasks we can provide insights on latest industry trends which you can adapt likewise.

Monitoring – We offer twenty-four seven server monitoring to ensure there are optimal server performances and uptime. In the event of a problem, we will quickly remedy the issue without any requirement for an intervention from the enterprise IT personnel. Our service level agreement will not only define the uptime requirements but will also help in determining issues escalation procedures and the detailed system performance reports to ensure there is complete control over computing environment.

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