MicroLogic Managed Maintenance Services

Your organization’s IT system is in safe hands when you engage us to maintain them for you.

Managed Maintenance Services

Most businesses adopt Information Technology in a variety of manners to simplify business operations.  For many of them who are serious about engaging a reliable Managed Maintenance Service Provider can prove to be a challenging tasks as:


  • There are only a handful of service providers that can offer a comprehensive range of service to fulfill their service requirements, therefore, they end up working with several providers and as a result, they don’t get holistic solutions to suit their business needs.
  • Most service providers deliver their services from a technical standpoint or worst implement solutions without considering business needs of their clients and as a result, their client suffers the consequence of their decisions.

Why Subscribe to Our Managed Maintenance Services?

Our Managed Maintenance Service allows your business to offload part or your entire IT operations to us. Our services help you manage, monitor and resolves problems affecting IT systems including hardware repairs for computers and servers, software update, good conditioning to 24-hour monitoring and management and much more.  The scope of our services are as follows:

Operating System and Software Updates – We ensure your OS (Windows or Mac OS) are updated so that any security vulnerabilities are patched up including service packs and we update antivirus definition (if any).  Also, we help to correctly update Java which is required in transactions with Internet Banking and government sites.

Keeping PCs and network equipment in Good Condition – While it’s a recommendation to change your computer every 3 to 5 years, many companies would prefer to stretch their investment dollar.  Usually, after some time, a computer will face some failure, commonly the hard disk or optical drives which are mechanical in nature. As these hardware are usually out of warranty, we undertake its maintenance so that it is working reliably again, therefore, achieve cost savings. We are highly qualified professional possessing high-level expertise to repair the computers pretty quickly.

Twenty-Four Hour Monitoring and management – We provide twenty-four-hour monitoring of your IT systems as they need to deal with any emerging cases of internet outages, phones, printers and business websites.

Remote Support – There are bounds to be some minor software issues like software error arising from the use of computers. Our Remote Support enables us quickly respond to your IT problems by controlling your computer and rendering solutions quickly without waiting for our specialist to come and solve your IT problems.

On-Site Support– Though remote support greatly reduces the need to visit customer’s site to resolve many technical problems, we believe that human touch is a vital component to any business success and that’s the success recipe for MicroLogic.  If there is a need, our technical expertise will come knocking on your doors to help resolve any technical problems you face.

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