MicroLogic Managed Hosting Services

Complete range of hosting services that are impossible to rival.  We stretch your investment dollars to its fullest with our hosting services that have flexible billing schemes just for you.

Managed Hosting Services

Any business needs some form of Managed Hosting Services in order to promote themselves, perform business transactions and communicate with other business entities like web hosting, online shops, and email hosting respectively. As the business grow, the need to scale up in terms of higher hardware resources or more dedicated network bandwidth increases, therefore, we have lined up a complete range of hosting services to fulfill increasing needs of businesses.

Why Subscribe to Our Managed Hosting Services?

While businesses can opt to host their own servers to run these applications, we however strongly recommend them against doing so, anyway running the business is keeping its overheads low isn’t it? Here are our reasons:

Cost effectiveness- The cost cutting achieved by outsourcing IT services to us as opposed to hiring a large number of highly qualified but expensive computer experts is an obvious benefit. The savings from the purchase of the required hardware and associated software is also significant and can be put to better use.

Improved Performance- Most businesses realized that the quality of service provided by professional managed hosting services, like MicroLogic Solutions, is consistent and higher than what they can achieve with an in-house team. This is because we invest heavily in both equipment and human resources. Our primary responsibility is to take care of your data, ensure its availability and keep it safe and we have the experts to assure you of that. This will allow you to focus on your day to day running of your firm with peace of mind. Our Data Centres also provide superior connectivity and invest heavily in their network infrastructure. This simply means that expansion for your business becomes a less costly and time-consuming affair.

Flexibility- We offers different hosting packages tailored to your business’s specific requirements. The dedicated services offered by us includes 24 hours support all year round. Scalability is also much easier and with significantly lower overheads with our managed hosting services. For instance, it will not require the purchase of costly equipment or the hire of new staff with separate skills.

Predictable expenditure – This is a major benefit of this model. Plans like Dedicated Web Server Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting possesses subscriptions as short as 3 months which is great for business to host their software application for testing or for hosting short term applications this frees businesses from setting aside large sums of cash in anticipated costs. This undoubtedly goes a long way in making your financial planning a less arduous affair. There are no purchases, unexpected maintenance fees or any other unanticipated cost to burden your business.

All under one roof solution – Our Managed Hosting Services option guarantees the provision of all services agreed upon without having to deal with various hardware and software vendors. We have done all this for you which greatly saves time and money.

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    Managed Hosting Services We Have

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    Dedicated Server Hosting

    This plan will be the next step as your website gains popularity. We offer more dedicated resources(hardware and bandwidth) so that your website runs smoothly to deliver great user experience for your visitors.