MicroLogic Managed Firewall Service

Prevent unwarranted access to your network and optimize your business bandwidth by preventing accesses to high bandwidth sites. Our service ensures your Firewall is geared with the latest protection against modern attacks.

Managed Firewall Service

With modern computing devices getting more powerful, smaller and information is easier to access, so as our risks associated with using them and the consequences of the risks can be catastrophic. Every time you connect to the internet, you risk data loss, identity or data theft, take for instance several famous celebrities having their private photographs leaked, and hacking to name a few…. sound intimidating enough.

Despite of the exposure to all these risks, it’s possible for anyone in your organization to access the internet safely, it just means that organizations have to take greater care so that their users can remain connected safely and securely.  This is where a firewall comes in.

Why Subscribe to Our Managed Firewall Service?

The firewall is a hybrid of internet gateway and security hardware that allows specified traffic and block access to other network resources.  Such capability offers great benefits for your organization to establish online presence safely and bring a peace of mind as it allows stakeholders of your organization spend less time worrying about security and more time enjoying the internet and getting things done. The downside to such a system is the amount of time spent in the setup, management, and upgrades. A firewall can be very complicated to deal with, requiring some technical knowledge to set up properly. Like a good antivirus, a firewall needs to be routinely updated to deal with the newest threats which are constantly appearing around the internet. We’ve witnessed many cases where organizations purchased a piece of firewall hardware but either leave the security features disabled or they failed to renew its security signature upgrades.  This is a more dangerous situation as they are often delusional about having a protection but in actual fact, they are leaving their backdoor wide open to security attacks. We recommend installations of firewalls if your organization:

  1. Host internal services like web servers to the internet.
  2. Have users that connect remotely to access data within your network.
  3. Need to restrict users from accessing websites that are unsafe or websites that hog your internet traffic for example video streaming websites.
  4. Is looking for a solution that collectively manages threats of spams, viruses etc.

Our Managed Firewall Service provides expertise in handling your firewall like security configuration to conform to your organization security policy, perform regular updates to threat signature and signature to keep your network secured.

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