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Possessing a brand identity by establishing an online presence will certainly give your customers confidence in your company. We offer a wide variety of Managed Email Service to cater to most businesses.

Managed Email Service

The use of internet has become a standard means of communication among both businesses and individuals, therefore there is no denying that email hosting plays a crucial role in any business irrespective of whether it is large or small. Hosting your own email servers is a time consuming and expensive investment gave that the number of experts needed to ensure its management in addition to the various software applications like good spam blockers and multiple filtering as well as hardware and infrastructure investments to ensure your email service operates without interruption.  Considering that many businesses do not have the resources required to set up their own servers and manage them, you can opt for a managed email service instead.

We offer two kinds of Managed Email Services; Managed Email Services for small businesses and Office 365 for more established businesses who wishes to integrate with the ever popular Microsoft Exchange email services.

Why Subscribe to Our Managed Email Service?

Managed email service for small business helps your business craft a brand image; though there are a number of free email services out there that appear to cover all the basics but they are not quite adequate for a run-of-the-mill user. Established businesses require something more robust and subscribing to a managed email service definitely, helps a lot in building brand trust and conveying professionalism. The benefits of subscribing to Managed Email services are:

Brand Identity-It is possible for users to leverage branding and specialized IDs as the business’s name is featured prominently as part of the email address. It is much more than a simple signature and is capable of assuring clients that they are dealing with a well-established brand.

Restriction Free-There is no restriction on how you use your email services, therefore, you may send document scans or perform mass mailing.

Excellent Service– Your business enjoys excellent email services with no worries about finding the manpower to run them or incurring extra costs.

Cost Savings-Whether offline or online, email hosting plays an important role in businesses given that it is the top source of any stable communication. By using these business mail solutions, you can save your business huge amounts of money each year.

Data Security-Data protection is usually a top priority in virtually all industries, with many people using email to send increasingly confidential information. This means that there is a need for boosted security so as to ensure that business-owned information and resources remain protected. With a managed email service, you do not have to worry about the attachments or details you are sending thus enabling you to concentrate on more important business affairs.

Scalable-With our managed email service, a business can never run out of space. In the event whereby the available inbox space is rapidly filling up, the user can always upgrade to another package that offers greater storage capacity.

Mail Synchronization across multiple devices– We live in an age where an individual uses more than one devices to manage their emails, therefore, management of emails becomes a challenge, to counter this our email services allows users to synchronize their entire mailbox across all their devices, unlike legacy protocol which only downloads emails from the inbox only.

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