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Linux Server Support

IT service is the application of business and technical expertise to enable organizations in creation, optimization and management of information for business process. The IT market can be segmented by the skills that are integrated to deliver services which include design, create and run.

Why Engage Linux Server Support Services?

Linux is a very powerful operating system which is popular among mainframes and servers.  Linux it has enabled the world of technology to evolve at a great extent. Advantages of Linux server supports includes:

  • User freedom-Its free and open source except for Red hat Enterprise Linux which users subscribes to support
  • More Robust- It is less vulnerable to attack via Malware, Trojan and worms.

Despite of the benefits Linux server offers, it has the following pains:

  • Support for open source can be a challenging task.
  • Linux support is not provided out of the box unlike in window platform with plenty of out-box supporters.
  • Lack of Linux drivers thus before commencing any installations we have to ensure that all the drivers and hardware component are installed.
  • Lack of standard editor for Linux makes it hard for Linux server support and lastly many program used by a large population in windows can only be used in Linux under a complicated emulators.

Despite of the challenges faced by supporting Linux Server, we have a dedicated team which offers the following Linux Server support services:

  • Linux deployment- Responsible for assessment and installation,
  • Linux support service-Responsible for remote administration and security and system hardening,
  • Linux development-Responsible for development on all platforms and embedded project development
  • Oracle in Linux-Responsible for backup solutions and performance enhancement.
  • Help desk support-This focus on all clients who need IT service support. Help desk support has the following advantages: easy to handle huge volume of calls and customers get satisfaction through the effectual help desk.

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