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IT Services

IT Services, like the range of services MicroLogic Solutions offers, aims to solve any kind of problem a business will face. We are able to provide you with quality services, regardless of the size of your business or even OMO (One Man’s Operation) because we have the necessary expertise to determine the most suitable resources that are able to fit your organization or business needs for the best performance possible.

If your business needs to meet your user goals and objectives in the business, then you will realize how useful technology is in the steering towards its growth. As a service provider, our range of services enables you to make your work easier and even improve performance. Our services are generally categorized into two kinds of fees structure to cater to different businesses needs:

Managed Services– Business that requires regular professional IT services should consider this model.  They subscribe from the selection of a variety of service solution we offer annually.  When the contract expires(yearly) or if they exhaust all their service credits, they will renew it again. Such fees structure is suitable for more established business.

IT Services – For startups, micro or smaller enterprises that have yet to adopt many Information Technology solutions, they do not need services as regularly as their more established counterparts, therefore we offer services that are charged as required.  Again, we offer a comprehensive range of services to help such business overcome their challenges and thrive.

In the current age of technology, it is very difficult to run a business efficiently without the help of IT (Information Technology), hence it’s critical you leverage on the benefits of IT across organizations. Having a right IT Service Provider is very important for a successful business or organizational growth as well as customer satisfaction.

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