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Looking for a quick fix to a minor computer glitch or you need the guidance of an expert to help you install a piece of hardware or software? You have come to the right place.

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In the present scenario, the dependency on computers sees a tremendous increase, the majority of human effort is diminished with the assistance of a computer. With the increasing demand of computer, the internet has also become the basic requirement for all. Be it your daily office work, educational projects, research or personal work, the internet has a solution for all. Make few mouse clicks and get the desired answer for all your queries. In this IT friendly world, some issues relating to your computer arises, which brings the need of a professional. Obviously, there are times when one cannot themselves overlook the entire technical issue, therefore, have to look up to the help of a professional service. With now ever service available online, one can also hire online services on IT.

Why Engage Our IT Services Online?

The internet has become one of the most reliable and major sources of providing such IT services conveniently, online computer repair services have become one of the most convenient ways to troubleshoot all technical issues as affected users can always obtain support in a short time and eliminate transport fees for the engineer.  Though such support gains popularity, people are often concerned about their privacy.  Online support is actually a very safe method since there is no installation of software involved and service provider are only able to access the affected computer remotely when users explicitly allow such access.  Call us if you have the following problem that needs our professional help:

Server Support– As business requires new IT security policy to protect themselves, such configuration can take place without the physical presence of a support engineer.

Hardware/Software Installation– Despite the efforts by manufacturers to make hardware and software installations foolproof, we have seen many instances where wrong installation results in devices failing to work or worst corrupts the system especially in the case of printers and MS Office Software installation. It may be more assuring to have a specialist guide you to ensure success in such installations.

Slowing down of computer– This can be due to a few reasons; one of the common cause is due to insufficient RAM memory resulting in the computer using the hard disk as an alternative to buffering data required for processing thus forming a bottleneck.  The addition of more RAM memory usually alleviates such symptom.  Another common cause is either the hard disk is full leaving the Operating System with an insufficient resource to run properly or the hard disk is facing imminent failure.  In the prior case where there is insufficient hard disk space, we recommend allotting at least 2x your RAM memory capacity for your computer to run properly i.e. if your computer has 4GB RAM, we recommend keeping at least 8GB free on your hard disk.  As for the latter case of imminent failure, a hard disk replacement will be required.

Malware and Virus infection– We see that malware creates greater damages than virus nowadays.  They either irritates users with prompts that warn them of all sorts of fake computer problems, hide important users data frightening them into believing that their data is lost or worst ransomware that encrypts user important files and demanding them to pay up in order to retrieve their data.  Computer viruses are usually spread by computer attachments and more commonly via removable drives like a thumb drive and portable hard disk.

Software Error and configuration– There are many times when a user face software malfunction, in less severe cases, the computer prompts users with error messages which they can’t understand.  We can help to decipher these error message and provide the necessary rectification.  We’ve also help many users rectify software behaviors that they do not understand like changing settings so that it behaves like the way it used to or even solving problems of software failure to launch or crash.

Remote Backup– Loss of data has nowadays emerged as a common technical issue as modern hard disks manufactured nowadays are increasing in capacity thus leaving minute tolerance to failure. We offer regular remote backup to your own portable storage device and restoration in the event of data loss.

Above mentioned factors are enough to determine when your computer needs technical aid. MicroLogic Solutions provide professional, quick and effective results.

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