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MicroLogic Solutions is one of the best IT Service Provider in Singapore.  Starting up since the year 2010 as Sony Authorized Solutions Provider providing a complete range of post-sales services for most users of Sony VAIO computers, we have grown into a company that provides a complete range of IT services ranging from managed services, IT solutions and to computer repair services.

In this era of technological advancement competition is on its precipice demanding a thrust in organizational capabilities. Sustaining the current position in the market is of the prime importance to the evolving organizations. Implementing powerful strategies is the way to accomplish the aim of staying in the market thus engaging IT services to help business to achieve success is one of the key strategies. The inception of MicroLogic Solutions is to satisfy the need of any organization which desires flexibility, speed, and accuracy in order to keep abreast of the competition.

MicroLogic Solutions is more than an IT company; besides keeping your organization’s technologies running , we are a consultant that advise business leaders means, they can do things better, more efficiently and at a lower cost.

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We have helped many companies, big or small, through our IT services to achieve their business goals within a set period of time.  If you are looking for a reliable, competent and cost efficient IT Service Provider, look no further!  Call us now at (+65) 68411697 to have a chat with our IT consultants!

Our IT Services

Managed Services Icpm

Managed Services

Complete range of subscription-based managed services like hosting, security, servers etc

IT Solutions and Services Icon

IT Services

Comprehensive range hosting solutions and pay as you use services.


IT Solutions Icon

IT Solutions

Supply, delivery, setup and installation of network equipment from servers to switches computers


Why should you entrust your IT with us?

Our Solution Works

Adhering to the maxim of “doing it right the first time”, we ensure that our solutions be it repair, cloud or server solution,  is not only right fit for you but also lasts.

We help you save costs

We know that in order for business to remain competitive is to keep running cost low but not at the expense of hindering your organisation’s technology advancement and thus our solutions are “perfect fit” for your budget.  We have affordable solutions for OMO (One-Man-Operations) business to large enterprises.

We are reliable

We do the talk and we walk our talk.  There is no problem too big for us to solve, leave your IT problems to us and we ensure its running well. Whenever you are in need, just give us a call and we are always reachable.

We have the know-how

Having years of experience in the IT industry solving many customer’s problems reliably, we know what it takes to build a solutions that is cost effective, reliable and lasting.

Our Testimonials

Sincere and patient in understanding the problem (PC data loss due to hard disk crash).  After understanding the nature of the problem, they provided the solution and proceed with repair instantly.  Fees for repair is reasonable, given the nature of the job, the service was fast and excellent.  On top of servicing the machine, they help in maintaining the set.  Two thumbs up.
Ben Au Yang Tar

in light of my impending urgency to resolve my computer problems which are totally indispensable, MicroLogic took my requests seriously and without hesitation, he delved into the matter.  I was advised promptly and the problems are quickly resolved. The extra customer service delivered in diagnosing any other possible breakdown was also initiated by Micrologic.  I would recommend my business associates and friends to this IT Service Provider that offers excellent service.
Vera Gay

A very clear and detailed explanation was given by Micrologic when we first met.  We were fully informed of the options available.  MicroLogic representatives are friendly, customer oriented and helpful.  Service is 100% Excellent!!!
Sudesh Singh Gill

MicroLogic provided useful and practical information, suggestions and advice on technical aspects of products and product care. Many doubts about the products were cleared.  I fully trust the advice provided and felt assured.
Lim Szei Ching

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Download your remote Access Software Here

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