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Need a one-time assessment and update to your servers or there are some computers that require some refreshing services, engage us for a one-time service whenever you need it.

IT Maintenance Services

For any business or company that possesses a functional IT system, it is crucial to outsource IT maintenance services. There is a wide range of services that are covered in the maintenance of IT systems like server support, remote IT support, on-site IT support among others.

Not neglecting the handful of business that does not have much IT needs versus the more established business, where IT performs a more critical role their business, our IT Maintenance Services are offered as pay-per-use i.e. you are billed as and when you utilize our services.

Why Engage Our IT Maintenance Services?

It is only when the services are outsourced that the company is able to have a reliable IT system that is lean and useful. With this, the business is able to effectively carry out its operations without any hiccups and minimal costs. Besides, there are other numerous benefits that the business will be able to experience when the services are outsourced from a good IT support company like MicroLogic Solutions.  We offer the following services:

Emergency repairs -Most IT systems often encounter a variety of hiccups and thus we can take care of the day-to-day emergencies to ensure that any disruption to operations of the business is kept to a minimum.  We help to liaise repair matters with equipment vendors for in-warranty machines and perform the repair for out of warranty ones.

Preventive Maintenance –We take proactive measures to ensure that there is no failure of IT systems. This is done by the early detection of future problems so that they can be corrected within the best time to avoid any inconveniences in future. We offer on-site IT support and other IT maintenance services so that you are able to ensure that problems in the IT department are kept at bay since the experts will be able to conduct regular check-ups on the equipment in order to detect and prevent them before they occur.

Software Support– There are instances where software fails to load, emails get corrupted or worst the computer fails to start entirely.  We specialize in solving Windows and other software related problems thus you may count on us if you encounter problems, like an error code, Microsoft Outlook fails to load or even if your computer is infected with Malware and viruses.

System Migration– It is notable that the hardware is not as important as the contents of the computer, therefore, it can be a hassle transferring data, software from the old machine to the new ones.  Give us a call and we can have a specialist sent to your office to help you with computer migration matters so that your original software and data are loaded into the new machine and you are ready to start work!

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