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Need an expert to help you take care of your IT Infrastructure related problems like a server crashing or hogged up network traffic? We can help.

IT Infrastructure Services

Our IT infrastructure services, as its name implies, focuses on two areas a business infrastructure; the first involves planning, building the infrastructure including cabling work, interconnectivity of network equipment, setup security, and authentication.  With all that accomplished, the real work of the service commences. The second area we focus on involves maintenance and scaling it up as the business grows.

As a business adapts to the different market and technological shift in trends, so as its requirement; take, for instance, the business may want to implement a policy that restricts the access to video streaming site as the management realize its internet bandwidth is hogged by accesses to such sites and we will make that happen by setting a policy to block such access within the firewall.

Why Engage Our IT Infrastructure Services?

In terms of benefits, IT infrastructure services provide cost cutting is the number one of companies. With a simple policy governing the cycle of infrastructure services, the overall cost of the function if outsourced is less than the cost when they are performed in-house. With years of experience serving end consumers and businesses, the following are services MicroLogic Solutions specializes in:

IT Infrastructure Building- We have the qualified specialist to help to build Cat 5E, Cat6 and Fibre Optic infrastructure. Especially for IT infrastructure per se, we will highly encourage engaging qualified specialists to perform the task of structured cablings. With each point carefully laid, tested and commissioned to ensure robustness in their operations, you don’t risk ending up with expensive repair and maintenance work in the long run.

Network Monitoring – We monitor the network for abnormalities including keeping devices updated to close any security loopholes.

Desktop and Server Management– Keeping computers and servers operating in an optimized condition.  Our service covers hardware and software repair including helpdesk services.  We utilize the latest remote access software that enables to resolve simple problems quickly instead of suffering the loss of use due to an IT fault. You pay as you use our services thus

Project Management Applications-Tapping on our experience serving many companies, we are able to value-add to your business by undertaking project developments to ensure successful implementation.

Data recovery – Virtual servers play an important part here, in retrieving the data in the event of hardware failure. It is far simpler than retrieving the data from a physical server when it crashes. Along with helping in data storage, the cloud storage also facilitates data recovery. Considering the importance of business data, a company’s most valuable asset and the advantage in data recovery that cloud computing differs cannot be ignored.

Businesses are able to benefit from our service offerings the following way:

Reduction of Maintenance Cost -The lesser the Info-tech equipment a company buys; the lesser will be the cost of maintaining them. By consolidating multiple pieces of hardware into one unit, the companies reduce the time and effort spent on hardware maintenance and therefore reduce the number of billable hours spent on an IT support

Standardized and Consistent workflow-Setting standards are important for any company. The way a company’s personnel use the available systems efficiently to deliver what is expected from them makes these services worth.

Enhancement in Communication – providing the right piece of information to the right people at the right time is what IT infrastructure services deliver. Be it an employee or a customer, easy flow of communication is important and when the information is made accessible, the departments are enhanced.

Flexibility– A system needs to be flexible and capable of change according to business needs. As our modern business environment is volatile the only thing that never changes is change itself.

Lower Cost of equipment – When hardware is virtualized, the need to buy new hardware decreases, ultimately saving money. Also, for companies that change their hardware regularly, hardware consolidation can help in cost savings up to six figure mark annually.

Reduced Energy Expenses – Hardware virtualization is a key reason which helps in decreasing the energy usage. Fans, microprocessors, keyword connections and other power consuming devices are eliminated which were initially used to run the servers. Virtualization consolidates these power consuming devices into fewer units and thus reduces the amount of power needed.

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