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Desktop Managed Services

The proliferation of technology changes business game plan like online purchases, cab booking apps etc.  Business uses desktop or laptops to communicate, run machines,  keep accounts and even to promote themselves.  Despite the fact that computing allows users to do more, there are caveats; computers and software are not problem free, besides the hardware software can fail too.  Common computer failures we’ve seen are:

Operating System Corruption– The operating system is the soul of the computer, an error within the software code, due to the installation of an incompatible program, update failures, physical damage to the hard disk etc. causes it to perform erratically.  In less severe cases, the computer can still start up but applications either fail to launch or users receive error messages.  In severe cases, the computer fails to start entirely.

Software Fault-Common programs like word/data processing software, email manager may fail to work or performs erratic.  We commonly encounter software problems like programs fail to launch or requests from users to change software behavior by tweaking some software settings.  There are many users who depended heavily on their email manager which fails to start due to program error but more commonly database corruption.

Malware Attack-Usually embedded as an email attachment.  Malwares are dormant until they are activated, usually by the user themselves, how?  A Malware, in the form of an executable file(file extension ending with “.exe”) or javascript( a file ending with “.js” extension),  is often attached together with an email that tricks unsuspecting users into believing it’s something important.  When the user uncompresses it and runs the content within it, the Malware becomes active and wreck damage it is programmed to execute.  In less severe cases, they just bluff users into believing there are problems with their computer with a software popup but in severe cases, a ransomware, it encrypts data in the computer causing data loss.

Virus Attack– Though not as common as malware, kudos to modern internet security program that does a pretty good job in preventing virus attacks, we often see virus spread via portable drives like thumb drives, hard disk etc.  Usually, the user reports erratic behaviors on their computers that require our attention.

Catastrophic failure– What we mean by catastrophic failure is the loss of data and program within the machine.  This usually happens when the hard drive, which stores program and data, fails.  At this juncture, users are often concerned about how to recover the data, which can be expensive, and continue from the failure.

Why Subscribe to Our Desktop Managed Service?

The heavy dependence on computers by businesses means that if a failure arises, its interruptions to the business.  We often receive calls to resolve computer problems and there are many cases where the fault occurs on a critical machine which paralyzes a business function for a period of time.  Often, when a severe fault occurs, users are concerned if data on their computer is intact and how long does it take to fix the computer.  When businesses sign up for Desktop Managed Services, they are able to benefit in the following ways:

Cost Saving via extending computer service lifespan -From our years of experience servicing thousands of computers, we’ve estimated hard disk failure account to approximate to 40% of desktops and laptops failures. While the rest of the electronics usually last a long time we recommend changing the hard disk after every 2.5 years of usage.

Computer Imaging – When a desktop or laptop fails, every minute counts since the user is unable to work until it is fixed again. With Computer Imaging Services, we take regular operating snapshots of the desktop or laptop and in the event of catastrophic failure, we are able to bring it back to original working settings in a much shorter time versus using traditional approach of performing a factory reset and re-installation software and applications.

Data Backup and restoration – Especially for small businesses, users depended heavily on their computers but they failed to do a regular backup to their data. They often end up losing their years of work when a catastrophic failure occurs.  In this service, we do regular data backups on their data so this will minimize their data loss when a catastrophic failure occurs.

Desktop and Laptop Maintenance – We perform regular checks to the computers, perform software and virus definition updates and predict imminent failure before it happens.

Software Resolution – Resolution of program errors and change software settings to desired software behavior.

Desktop/Laptop Migration – As the price of buying desktops and laptops depreciates, there is a shift of importance from hardware to what is contained within the existing computer.  We help restore configurations and transfer data from your existing machine to the new one thus you can use your computer immediately without worrying about the technicalities of setting up the new one.

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