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Host your database with us or have our services to ensure an efficient, secured, and optimized database that your business can rely on.

Database Managed Services

Database management is a complex task that gets more difficult with time. The myriad of available management tools proves how vital this work is for a company and explains why corporate leaders willingly invest a significant part of their budget on proper systems in managing their vast databases.

A simple example to illustrate database management is the instance you visit a doctor, he is able to retrieve all relevant information about you from his computer by using your NRIC as a search criterion or perhaps your mobile number. This may sound simple but it gets trickier when the nature of the information changes, like who are authorized to access what information about you. Sensitive information like credit card numbers can be manipulated in dangerous ways if it gets into the hands of the wrong people.

Why Subscribe to Our Database Managed Services?

We help you organize and manage your data in an efficient manner, provide for different levels of access to such information to ensure it does not get into the wrong hands. Our Database Managed Services do the following:

  1. Application and infrastructure management– We work closely with your business stakeholders to ensure that the application software investment of your enterprise remains productive and is used with integrity. Through our services, we help your IT department simplify things, enable your business to respond more quickly to change through better control of the infrastructure and staying current on new and existing technologies. With good application and infrastructure management, this will help generate greater ROI.
  2. Database support– Besides assisting with the management of your organization’s database; we also help with data storage, backup and recovery of your crucial data. We work closely with your team to ensure the best quality so it frees up time for your IT team to focus on more important IT aspects your company and less for data organization.
  3. Managed to host-You can opt to host your database with us where we provide all necessary services to maintain, provide support, backup, and disaster recovery.

If your IT team is overloaded with tasks, you should subscribe to our Database Managed Services. In the end, it may just save you time and money.

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