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Custom Website Development Services

MicroLogic’s custom website development service creates a site which aligns the design themes, color, typography as well as its functionality to fit your business requirement. To speed up the development process, we often utilize off the shelf templates and customize for you. As all businesses are unique, and so will be presentation of your products and services to your customer. Gone are the days companies used to follow similar templates, colors, structures, designs, and icons for their websites fearing to be different.

Benefits of Customization

Our custom website development services allows our clients the flexibility to incorporate features they need to showcase their products, services in the company’s unique personality, style and goals. It also allows a company to curve in the customer experience they prefer, which depends on the products and services they are selling.

Most modern business webpages demand custom website development services, to  varying levels of extent, because, they want to include features such as their own customer testimonials, social feeds, user generated content etc. Our services help them come up with a site that is highly personalized with optimized navigation and secured. 

A custom website also allows for scaling up of its functionalities as the business grows. That means a company will not have to redo the entire website or build another one to cater to the extra functionality they require with time. This can be detrimental to your business. Imagine having to entirely redo a website that you have built for years; It will mean not just extra cost but also extended downtime, inconveniences for your customers and the worst adverse effect on your ranking on the search engine.

This is one of the greatest limitations to using builder tools which are based on static templates. Our custom website development services will allow you to change the content easily.

Custom Website Development Company

MicroLogic Solutions is your first choice in custom website development company. Our wealth of clients’ portfolio is a proof of our competencies in completing your projects.

Although a custom site requires more investments to build, engaging custom website development services is not overly costly especially when you can realize return on investments from it.

We use proven and tested tools which help to eliminate excessive costs and speed the designing process. Standardization of website design process and integration tools is an important aspect for our clients and partners. We adopt industry-best practices to ensure our clients’ website adopts secure and effective procedures to secure their visitors data and information.

Our Emphases

Our custom website design services emphasize on your business needs and those of your target audience by optimizing design elements of your website such as color schemes, look and feel and more. Our first approach is to choose a custom web designing platforms, typically a Content Management System(CMS) platform, and apply our unique strategies to customize the website.

We place heavy emphasis on your desired business functionality like what your website should do for your business; is it a website where customers can make some purchases or just get information? Or is it a website which customers can post user-generated content such as product reviews and articles? Or is it a website where customers can get live support? Other websites allow customers to interact with one another by posting on the social media feeds.

The features of your website to customize will depend on the following factors:

Your Business Type

Is your business selling some products or services? Is your business selling to a business(b2b) or to a customer(b2c)? All these will determine the kind of features you need for your website as well as the kind of social media platform it integrates with.  We understand that a company will have different preference from another even if the genre or business type is the same. For instance, there is a big difference when you look at Facebook and Twitter sites even though both are social media platforms.

Your customer experience

Our customize development will be based on research about what your customers like best about your company; what products or sections of your company’s website do they visit most?  Your website may include a variety of multimedia content such as videos, images, infographics, VR(Virtual Reality), AR(Augmented Reality) or other kinds of content to increase engagement.

Optimized Performance

Our front-end custom development ensures our clients can reach their design goals without any hitches, while our back-end, which is a set of development tools, ensures that the performance of the customized development is optimized and secured. The objective of our custom website development service is to make it easy for your customers to securely navigate through the features and pages, in addition to ensuring fast loading times.


Security and standarization

Security and standardization, affects the credibility and search engine rankings of your site. This is a critical aspect which is especially true for online shops where monetary transactions will take place. We take extra care to implement the latest security feature which conforms to the latest security standards to provide your customers with assurance when transacting with your business via your website.


We help to keep a tight tab on your budget by striking a balance between free and purchased tools, that we adopt for your project. As long as they are legitimate and meet our design goals, for instance, enhancing better customer experience without inflating development costs drastically. This really helps, as a typical custom e-commerce website development for a small business, can easily cost a minimum of SGD $12, 000 or more to build with an ongoing monthly cost of approximately $700 to maintain it.

Return on investment

The return on investment is the central focus for our custom web design and web development services. Our objective is to  design a website that helps a company popularize its products and services to as many relevant customers as possible by making the website easy and quick to navigate and by improving experience and loyalty of the customer. This is a double win, you win by having a website that helps your business grow while we have another success story to tell in our portfolio.

Timeline of creating a successful website

The discovery and planning for a custom website design services would take between 2 and 10 weeks, and designing from 4 to 12 weeks. Content writing would take up to 15 weeks, but that can take place even as the website is online. Maintenance and enhancement is undertaken on an ongoing basis.

Thus, developing a custom website such as an e-commerce platform takes about 10 to 20 weeks after doing a number of activities concurrently. The timeline also largely depends on the client and the features required.


Discovery & Planning

The discovery and planning for a custom website design services would take around 2 to 10 weeks


Design & Content Writing

Design process takes 4 to 12 weeks and content writing would take up to 15 weeks, but that can continue even as the website is online.


Development & Launch

Development and programming can take around 6 to 15 weeks, beta testing around 2 to 6 weeks, and launching a day to 2 weeks.

Responsive Custom Websites

A responsive website is one that can adjust to different device screen sizes automatically, regardless of whether it’s an Android tablet or an iPhone.  This allows for better customer experience i.e. the website can automatically adjust to any screen to fit in all its structures, styles and all features on a given page will work without any elements being cropped out, being too small or too large for the customer to see or worst fails to respond to user’s interact.

To summarize, a responsive website works on all devices, whether it is viewed on a laptop computer, a tablet or even smartphones.

Modern responsive tools loads faster, and they allow integration of modern features and functionality such as contact forms, live maps etc. to serve different client needs which makes your website really versatile and therefore allow your business to capture visitors using mobile devices to visit your company’s site.

Secure custom web designing

Website security has been a hot topic on the Internet and will continue to be given the huge potential for security breaches to increase business losses and even, at times completely wiping out businesses! There are data and real financial losses that accrue to a company when their site is hacked or brought down. Take, for instance; if a high – traffic ecommerce website is sabotaged and its customers cannot complete a sale, besides facing the daily loss of revenue due to the outage, the affected company will also need to spend money to rebuild and restore the security of the website after the cyberattack to protect the company and its customers. Money may be lost if payment information is stolen or hijacked and that excludes the series of lawsuits that follows. Cyberattacks on website is real, and it causes instant loss of customer trust on the company’s ability to secure their customers data and systems.

To conclude, security is of great concern not just for sellers and search engines, but also for customers who are now better aware of the need to secure their information and data and stay safe and private.

At MicroLogic, we incorporate our very own data security practice in our projects to give you an assurance that your complete site is safe and secured for both your company and customer. Some examples of how we did this is to ensure that your website is secured by a strong login password and adopting an SSL(Secured Socket Layer) certificate and login notifications etc. 

As a reward to organizations that invest in security for their site visitors and systems, they are given better rankings, which helps in increasing their site traffic!

Fast Loading Custom Web Pages

Page loading speed, a.k.a. Page speed, is a metric of your site visitor’s experience, which ultimately affects your search ranking, Our developers are therefore particular about elements that will potentially slow your website down. This is a thing modern day web development companies, like MicroLogic, dislike because it is bad for customers who are looking to decrease bounce rates due to slow loading of pages. Typically, a site visitor does not wait beyond three seconds for a webpage to load.

Google has even published a white paper on how the speed of a site impacts a publisher’s earnings because visitors keep abandoning slow pages. Hence, our process takes into account factors like image size, elimination of unnecessary functions, enabling site compression and the optimization of remaining functionality for speed. This requires years of experience in order to acquire such know how.

Most importantly of all, a website must be able to handle high visitor traffic. Therefore, no matter how lean it can be, an entry – level hosting server can undo whatever good work we have implemented. It is important that you allocate the necessary hardware resources, so your site can perform at its best and provide the best returns on investments for your business. We offer a fast and reliable hosting service at reasonable rates to complement our services.

Optimized Experience

Modern custom web design and development is about optimizing customer journey including on the designed web pages and layouts. Increased visitor drop-offs, also called bounce rate, and poor conversion rate are a direct result of having a poor customer journey on your website. A customer journey is the journey from the time before they find the website for instance on social media or search engines to the time they buy your product.

If that journey is happening online, then it needs be short as possible and enjoyable with best experience. Our customized web design and development services seeks to remove all fluff and help your website visitors find what they need to quickly and easily with sleek and efficient navigation. These may be determined, for instance, by keywords and page linking using links.

Built to Last

One important point to note is that many web design companies, in order to permanently tie a customer to them, use their custom-built templates which they provide update while you are still their customer; once you stop doing business with them, they stop providing you with updates which ultimately break your website over time and as a result you will have to do away with the previously built website all together and start afresh.

We are a business ourselves, so we understand such practice is harmful to all businesses. Therefore, you can be assured that your personalized website, that is built with MicroLogic Solutions, lasts.

ECommerce Solutions

Sell online and efficiently with our ecommerce solutions

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Our custom ecommerce website development services enables our clients to harness the power of the internet to increate their sales. With the entire sales process auotmated, this positively impacts a business directly and it does make a difference to a business performance and revenues. Take for instance, if your website allows you to capture business leads and forward to your sales teams to help them convert quickly. This improves efficiency; it cuts down the labor needed and costs spent on manually pulling out the data from the databases.

Modern e-commerce websites are connected to Point of Sales(POS), stock-keeping software, payment gateways and Customer Relationship Management(CRM) systems. This forms a powerful automated powerhouse which is akin to a fully functional shop running within your website.

Search Engine Optimization

Be present and be found by your customers.

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Custom website design allows for better search engine optimization; we are also SEO experts. Therefore, we strategize each project for SEO right at the beginning stage of the design processes.

We perform research for the most effective and relevant keywords to implement in the site’s content which means incorporating them on page URLs, alt tags for images and content write-ups . Other than keywords, we also consider the ranking of the website pages on search engines as determined by content type, alt tags, loading speed and other design and technical aspects of your website.

Search engines rank pages by gathering the contents of each website through crawling them, then analyze and rank them based on the keywords their customers used to search for content on the search engine platforms. The search engines do this because they are in the business of serving their customers with the best available content.

But the repercussions for companies and sellers has been a search ranking war among themselves as they try to appear on the first page of ranking results for given keywords relating to their products and services. Therefore, our design process considers these factors to devise our strategy to help you win this war against your competitors.

Website Maintenance

Keeping your website optimized to provide great browsing experience for your customers.

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Just like a car or a set of computer systems, they require regular maintenance to ensure they run at optimum, with the exception that your website is an invaluable tool to promote your business and generate revenue and, therefore, the more it deserves regular maintenance so that it continues to work for your business!

With our comprehensive website maintenance service, you are assured that your website is in the good hands of MicroLogic. Our clients love us for the affordable, responsive and reliable services we provide.

While you may consider taking up only web design services, companies understand that many builders are limited to website hosting companies who provide them. Once you change the host, you will have to do away with the previously built website all together and start afresh. Besides, they are limited when it comes to customized backup solutions, uptime monitoring, set up optimization and CMS customization, ease of creating and deploying staging environments, and ease of integration with other tools and technologies, for instance to facilitate e-commerce.

Another point to note is that many web design companies, in order to permanently tie a customer to them, use their custom-built  templates which they provide update while you are still their customer; once you stop doing business with them, they stop providing you with updates which ultimately break your website over time and as a result you will have to do away with the previously built website all together and start afresh.

We are in business too, and we understand such practice can be harmful to your business. Therefore, you can be assured that your custom website, that is built with MicroLogic Solutions, lasts.


What is custom web design and what will I get?

Custom Web Design is a type of web site design that is customized for your needs. It is created based on your requirements or specifications and includes everything from logo design to complete website creation and maintenance. When designing a custom web site you will be given all the information you need to create a great looking and user friendly web site.

When to consider custom website development?

You will need custom website development when your business need a specific website using custom design, developed by a professional web developer. Besides, the reasons can include the need for a specific site layout or functionality that a standard website does not offer, or it could be because of a specific project deadline. Whatever the reason, custom development allows us to create a unique solution to your website needs and make it possible to develop the site quickly and efficiently.

Why hire a custom website design company?

A custom website design company delivers professional quality work at affordable rates. Website development is a full-time profession, and you’ll want to have someone else do the actual development work. This will allow you to focus on your business while someone else handles all of the details of putting your website together.

We are able to create websites that are attractive, and easy to navigate. It is always best to hire an experienced company, which will be able to meet all your expectations.

How much does a custom web design service cost?

In general, the average cost for a custom website starts from $2,000 to develop. The fees includes all the work on the web pages, graphic design, programming, content development, and photography. Of course, we will include some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your website so that it can be found on the search engine.

Also depending on the type of web site you want to make. If it is an ecommerce site or a corporate site with a large inventory of products the development fees will start from $4000 onwards.

How long do custom website design services take?

This is a very common question asked by clients. Custom website development service will vary according to the number of pages to be developed. For a simple website, the duration will not exceed 2-4 weeks and for large websites, it can take up to 6 months.

How do I choose the best custom web design company for my business?

It is important to understand the difference between a web designer and a web developer. A Web Designer deals with all aspects of a website’s creation while a Web Developer handles the development of the site. This is very important because if you get a web designer who does not have the skills to do the work correctly, your website may look very nice on the surface, but it may be built in a way that makes it difficult to update or maintain.

Look for a company with an outstanding track record. You can check out their web design portfolio to see if they are capable of doing what you need done. If you don’t have a lot of experience with this type of work, look for a company that has good customer service. Make sure the company offers competitive rates and will deliver on time. Most importantly, be sure to ask for references from previous clients. Ask them about the company’s professionalism, how quickly they delivered the project, how friendly their staff was, and how they handled any issues that may have occurred during the project.

How will customers find my website?

Your customers will search for your product/services on Google, Bing or the Yahoo search engine. You can create a site map and put links to your website, and also make sure you have a good description about your products/services and quality of your products/services.

Most people will use the internet to find you. They will type your company name, product names, or services, such as “server repair” or “coffee machines Singapore” into a search engine.

Should I use a website builder or hire a web developer?

It all depends on your budget and your experience level. If you are just starting out, then hiring a web developer will probably be more cost effective than building your own site. However if you have lots of experience already and are looking to build a new website, then it would probably make sense to build your own.

How do I know my website is a success?

Visit your website statistics page and you will see information about your visitors, including how many people visit your site per day and which pages are most visited. You can also find information about your top referring sites. If you are getting many visitors to your website then it is a success.  If you are not getting visitors then you need to check if there is something wrong with your website or not.

How much does it cost to maintain a website monthly?
What are the factors of SEO strategy that helps a website stand out against its competitors?
The factors of SEO strategy that helps a website stands out against its competitors are the following:

  • Targeting in order to make sure that your site appears in the search results when the relevant keywords are searched for.
  • Competitor Analysis: We must find out which keywords are being used by our competitors so that we can also use them.
  • Competitor Backlinks: The number of links pointing to a specific site can be very helpful. In order to get these links, it is best to start building links from other websites related to your niche.
  • Keyword Density: This is how many times the keyword appears on the page, too much will adversely affect the page’s ranking as if the keyword is mentioned too many times it tends to look like spam and the search engines will rate you down or ignore your site.
  • Internal Linking: This is very important to connect to other pages on your site. For example, if you want to make a list of products or services you offer, the internal linking should help the visitor navigate through different categories.
  • Title Tag: You should write a short title tag. The keyword phrase should appear as close to the beginning of the title tag as possible.

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