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Our competent specialist gives you the assurance your business is reaping the most benefits that Cisco Products and Services has to offer.

Cisco Managed Services

Cisco managed services refers to services powered by Cisco ranging from cloud systems, video, and Telepresence services, which deal with communications, teleconferencing, among others. Whether you require cloud storage, telecommunications, networking, subscription or even desktop management services we will be able to provide you to the best of our ability, regardless of the size of your business or organization, thanks to Cisco technologies. We will also offer affordable and reliable quotes for effective services that you can be assured of satisfaction as the client.

Why Subscribe to Our Cisco Managed Services?

If your business’s goals and objectives are in terms of efficient communication, networking, data storage, and management or even desktop management, then you can rely on us for the most effective IT solutions at great prices.

The benefits of subscribing to our Cisco Managed Services are as follows:

  • Effective storage management through cloud systems, where you are assured of effective information and data storage on the cloud, however big or complex it may be.
  • Effective communication and video conferencing: You can be assured of great communication and video conferencing among members of the organization and hence effective business operations from our video services.

At this current juncture of technology, certain IT (Information Technology) services, especially those managed by Cisco are valuable to many businesses in terms of reliability of data management, networking, internet provision, communication, among others. Therefore it is our mission to be able to serve and assist you in all technological issues you may face to enable you to meet your business needs and goals.  We boast of experts and highly trained staff in a number of services such as:

Cloud management-If you have a large amount of data in your organization and probably lack efficient storage systems, then we can be able to store data in the cloud for you, where you will be assured of very secure storage with unlimited resources, as well as unlimited memory storage.

Video and teleconferencing services– Communication with clients is very important in an organization or business setting, and hence, we will enable you to have a privilege of being able to communicate effectively with clients within the business or organization for better and improved operations.

Disaster Recovery services-In organizations, regardless of the size, disasters are prone to happen, and hence, it is very important to know how to handle them or just know how to recover from any kind of disaster, whether data, information and hence ensuring that the organization’s operations still resume as normal. Managed Internet Services: The internet or web service is a very important resource in organizations, businesses or even institutions, and therefore we strive to provide highly efficient, secure, low-cost and fast internet services, hence ensuring wide internet access and customer satisfaction as well as best value for money among our clients.

Security Managed services-Unauthorized access to data and information is a very large threat when it comes to large and useful data, where hackers or third party visitors try to gain access, and hence we provide effective firewall services, as well as intrusion prevention and detection, hence you are assured of effective protection.

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