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Our web design development services have helped many small businesses, like you, successfully launch a feature rich and professional looking website that enables their customers to find them easily on the search engines. We are Singapore’s most trust web design and website development agency because we deliver, and our solution works!

Our Holistic Approach

MicroLogic Solutions is the leading web design and development agency of your choice.  We will take care of all design and technical matters relating to your website, from hosting to its design, as well as marketing it effectively. Unlike web design agencies whose primary focus is only on the design and aesthetics of your website, i.e. the look and feel of your site, our holistic approach ensures you get returns on your investments through establishing an effective online presence so that you can stay abreast of your competitors while working with only one single agency.


Website Design

We offer comprehensive web design services to give your business a site that best communicates your brand elegantly.

Website Design

The key to an efficient and robust website is to first to consider your company’s goals and choose the ultimate design template and features which would best assist you in meeting those objectives.We help your business fulfil the following fundamental objectives with our Web Design And SEO Services:

  • Generating new leads for your business.
  • Getting people to sign up for your service offerings.
  • Selling things online.
  • Giving your potential customer a glimpse into who you are and what you do.
Website Redesign

You may already have your site designed and running live. But many of them are way too outdated that its not worth maintaining it. Our website redesign services can do wonders to your worn out site like:

  • Fresh Design – First impression lasts; your website represents your brand and if you feel that your website design looks old, you are probably right thus its time to consider a website redesign service to give your website a fresh, modern look.


  • Functionality- Is your website still running on the legacy html(Hypertext Markup Language)? Does it make better business sense to you if you can update contents on your website by yourself instead of depending on your website designer to do it for you? Would you like to be able to track your website visitors with some analytics functionality on your website? Would you like to be able to insert video, contact form or have ecommerce functionality on your business website? If you answer is “Yes” to any of these questions, you will need our website redesign service.


  • Content – Content makes up the most significant part of any website, is it is optimized for the keywords your potential customers use to search for your products or services? Is it meeting the company’s objectives? If not, should it be redesigned to meet the company’s objectives? Of course, the more optimized and up-to-date your content is, the more conversion and lead it will generate. So, apart from the design, you need to see whether your website content attracts your customers. If not, it’s time to upgrade the content. This is why many company’s do monthly and quarterly website content audit to see if the content is up to date and is attracting traffic as it should. A company’s large portion of the budget is allocated for such audits.


  • Usability – Is your website providing the relevant information it is designed for? Is the core message or call to action there on the front page for the viewers to see?  These are factors that enhances the user experience of your customer and the overall usability of your website so that they take some form of action. If slow speed, unresponsiveness and hard-to-navigate factors exist, you need to restructure your website.


  • SEO – Search engine optimization determines how easily your website is accessible on popular search engine’s top-ranking pages. This is a crucial factor when considering redesigning. If your local SEO is not bringing enough traffic to your website compared to your competitors, you need to improve your website.

Each business is unique and so does the website it represents; besides the layout and design of your website we customize the following aspect to align it to your brand:

  • Background
  • Menu Styles
  • Color scheme
  • Fonts and text styles
Content Strategy
It is no secret that search engine ranks and index website based on its content. Therefore, good quality content will have more search ranking, while bad quality content will immediately make visitors leave your site, keep your content up to date ensures its delivering value to your customers.

Website Development

Our holistic approach towards web development results in a feature rich website that provides optimum visitor experience for your brand while capturing most visitor traffic and thus an increase in interest about your products and services.

Responsive Web Design

The goal to have a responsive website is to ensure that viewers can view your website on any device without the site breaking up. A responsive website’s greatest gift is faster load time, and a better user experience. For any business to prosper, it is better to have a responsive website that caters to all device users’ needs especially when the number of mobile users are increasing exponentially daily.

The top benefits for businesses to have a responsive web design are

  • Ensures business captures mobile traffic thus increase in sales.
  • Faster pages and better site optimization thus better user experiences.
  • Higher conversion rates.
  • Responsive web design are ranked better in the search engines.
  • Improved mobile browsing experiences.

Our responsive web design and development services include:

  • WordPress Mobile Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Cross-Device Testing
  • Cross Browser Testing

According to a report by Statista, eCommerce in the US alone has exceeded sales worth $430 billion. Ecommerce business is booming throughout the world, particularly in these times when brick and motor shopping is difficult for consumers due to the COVID-19 crisis. We believe that these are 3 key features an  eCommerce needs to have to keep prospering.

  • Site load time – According to a report by Statista, more than half the people leave a site if its loading speed is slow. So you need to design your website, keeping this feature in mind.
  • User experience –A good e-commerce website must provide ease of use and a good user interface experience to its customers.
  • A seamless shopping and checkout experience – If you have abandoned your products in your cart, then you are one of us. Cart abandonment is a result of a poor checkout or an overall terrible shopping feature. Ecommerce websites must ensure that their visitors get an easy and seamless checkout experience with all delivery and payment options available.
Digital Marketing & Growth Strategies

To stay in business today, you need to level up your marketing efforts. Sending brochures and knocking on door to door canvassing for sales is no longer the mainstream means to market your business. Our comprehensive range of digital marketing service are way more effective in lead generation for your business. The following are our top 5 digital marketing strategies that are conducive to business growth:

    1. Pay Per Click(PPC) — Pay per click is essentially advertising on the search engine platform. It’s much cheaper and more effective than traditional advertising, TV, radio or newspaper ads, it is a great strategy to have your business establish a presence on Google search engine ranking. All this work is done through Google Ads and this revolves around search networks.


    1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what makes your business found on the search engines. SEO makes sure you have an effective presence on popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex and more. Therefore, you need to optimize your content so that your potential customers can find you on popular search engines.


    1. Social Media Marketing – According to sprout social, around 3.2 billion people use social media every day. What does this number tell us? That it is essential for businesses to adapt to the new trends that social media has to offer. Because your audience is on different social channels, you need to have a presence there to target them.


    1. Email Marketing- Email marketing is one of the most effective sources and strategies for digital marketing. Because it involves writing customers emails and starting customized marketing campaigns, it reaches your target audience’s needs directly. For example, companies use email campaigns to target their new or existing customers when they launch new products.


  1.  Content Marketing-Every business revolves around content. It is all around us. Content is in the form of websites, emails, social media posts, blogs, articles, etc. Companies and businesses use interactive and updated content to generate leads, have high conversion rates, and attract more traffic to their site. A good content strategy ensures more traffic and more customers.
    • Influencer marketing
    • Google ads

Social Media Marketing

Having a prominent social media presence is a great way to get in touch with your customers, get to know their needs, and establish a community online. If you want to have a direct long-lasting relationship with your customer, you need to have an excellent social media presence. We at Micrologic Solutions offer effective social media strategies and services that will take your brand to soaring new heights.


Domain Name & Web Hosting
Website maintenance

Once your website is live and successfully running, the next thing you need to consider or rather something you should plan out initially, is the website maintenance plan. It would help if you had an active maintenance plan so that your website is kept running in a secured environment and you have regular backups which allows you to recover from site outage, very bad damage to your business, should it goes down or get brought down by cyberattacks.


Content Management System

For non-techies, CMS or Content Management Systems are platforms that allow users to update or even build their website without having to touch a line of code, just like using a piece of software. You can expand your website features by installing a small software extension which is often called “a plug-in” to the website. This is definitely one of the greatest benefits of using CMS platforms for building websites for your business. Needles to say, various CMS platforms have dominated the web and of today these are the most popular CMS platforms available:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • WIX

Our Ultimate Choice

WordPress CMS System

Getting our clients on board to the most popular platform makes economic sense; our choice of the ultimate CMS platform is WordPress which is also the the number one preferred CMS platform for web developers and designers today. With more than 40 % of the internet’s website running via WordPress, how wrong can one get by choosing it?

WordPress has the following benefits to offer:


WordPress gives its users complete control of the platform. You do not have to wait for a developer to fix a bug or add an additional feature. Any WordPress user can pretty much do it themselves easily.

No HTML or FTP required

One of the most outstanding features of WordPress is its ability to let its users make changes or add an additional feature without having to know HTML or use FTP software which is slow. Any layperson can directly add new elements to the website, change contents, images, etc, without even KNOWING A SINGLE HTML CODE!

Conducive for Growth

Once your business is booming, and you want to add additional features, services, and pages, you can easily add them using WordPress due to its extensive scalability. In addition, WordPress offers packages for entrepreneurs, businesses, and enterprises to make their websites a success.

Multiple Users

WordPress lets you add multiple levels of users from administrators, author, editor etc. As your business grows, you need more users to handle your site, which WordPress lets you do efficiently.

Website Development


Selling online is a great way to start or expand your business. We have help our client setup a fully functional ecommerce store that accepts various kinds of payment options, allow customer to communicate with you via chat capabilities or leve their inquiry via a contafct form and integration with analytics to track store performance.

Website Design

Establish Digital Presence

If you are in a service business, you can promote your services more effectively by having a website to promote your services. We design elegant websites that aligns with your brand image.

Website Development

Product eCatalogue

The best way to showcase your product capabilties is with an eCatalog because you can have videos, insert product literatures and whitepapers to appeal to your potential customers.

Refined WorkProcess

The fruit of our years of experiences is a professionally refined web development process which minimizes development timeframe and ensures satisfied and timely project delivery.


We get an idea of  your ideal website design, perform collection and consolidation of website contents, brainstorm layout, design and functionality aspect of your website.


We commence design proper of your website, perform necessary customization and setup of features for your website and most importantly laying out your contents in a visitor-friendly manner.


The soft launch of your webiste. There are some fine tuning to be done here before your new website is ready to face the world.


This is the exciting moment; your website is ready to face the world and perform its wonders of amazing our visitors. We will submit documentations and perform training on how to manage your new revenue generating beast.

About Us

We Are The Right Fit

We are a Singapore based web design and development agency with over 10 years of experience providing quality and reliable services for our clients. At Micrologic Solutions, we have a reputation for building high-end, luxurious websites and high-performing websites that will boost your business and take it to the next level. Our services are comprehensive; like the following:

  • Responsive web design
  • Ecommerce development
  • Website redesign service
  • Customized web design:
  • Digital Marketing(SEM, SEO, Social Media Marketing and more)
  • Content management systems
  • Web hosting
    • CMS

    Years of Experience

    Independent Projects

    Team Projects

    Our Qualities

    Selecting the best business web design and development agency is the main asset for your business therefore these are the qualities we possess which helps us complete our client’s project effectively.


    Through completing many projects with our clients, we understand what their needs are thus we know what questions to ask and what information to gather from you to complete your project efficiently.

    Knowledge and Skill Set

    Besides possessing the know-how on the latest web technologies, our team are expert at communication and project management so that we get the job done for you without the frustration of communicating your requirements, which is the major headaches of what our clients experiences.

    Effective Portfolio

    We have portfolio to showcase our work, so you know where are competencies are.


    Our comprehensive service offerings means you will just work with one agency to meet your business goals.


    Through finishing many website development projects, we have derived a streamlined development process that is both efficient and cost-saving.

    Our Clients Give Us 5 Stars For Our Services!

    Check out the Google Reviews of our services from our clients.

    29 reviews on
    Ee Mein Chan
    Ee Mein Chan
    11. January, 2022.
    Micrologic solutions have helped developed our company website. They are professional and provide excellent services. Micrologic had also helped my business gain more inquiries through our website. Customers are able to find our business through the search engine. Highly recommended.
    Hazel Tang
    Hazel Tang
    31. December, 2021.
    Worked with micrologic on digital marketing campaign for my product launch and did Seo for my website , it has shown good results and bring in leads and sales conversion for my company. They are able to meet my timeline with quick turnover for multiple changes and campaign tweak. Will be using them for my next product launch again. Excellent service and quality work from Jenson.
    Mark Leong
    Mark Leong
    31. December, 2021.
    Jesen is very patient and helpful… a top class guy
    CK Bin
    CK Bin
    31. December, 2021.
    The support is prompt & efficient. Often go beyond the extra mile to leave a smile on the customers’s face. Keep it up!
    Alex Syed
    Alex Syed
    16. November, 2021.
    Jenson aided us with our initial setup and went beyond his scope. He was very professional and patient with our queries. Definitely recommend any new startups to engage their services! Thumbs up!
    Alvin Liau
    Alvin Liau
    9. November, 2021.
    Fast response time, Quick service. Gave professional advice when we're in need of help.
    tay lay lian
    tay lay lian
    16. September, 2021.
    MicroLogic Solutions is the most reliable IT Service Provider to work with. My company never looked back since engaging their services. I've accidentally deleted my important folders from my server and they quickly responded to my call and quickly recovered all the lost files. Thank you MicroLogic Solutions for your 5 Stars service.
    Calvin Ow
    Calvin Ow
    4. September, 2021.
    This company does a great job each time at reasonable cost. Service with a smile too!

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    Here are our answers to some common queries about web design and development agency services. If you still have queries, you may check with us.

    Why is good web design so important for your business in 2021?

    Luxurious and efficient web designs are essential for business as they leave a lasting impression on the client. It’s like how the adage goes, “the first impression is the last impression”. A good web design will make them stay on the website and explore it, and perhaps it will make them become your clients. Apart from this, a good web design helps you generate leads and traffic which potentially can turn into sales!

    Why do businesses and web design need each other?

    Having a great website design is equivalent to having a well laid out physical store. They are inviting and they set lasting impression on your clients. A great web design is akin to a great physical store design under the magical touch of a great visual merchandizer.

    Why is Digital Marketing Essential for the Healthcare Industry?

    The healthcare industry is a highly competitive and lucrative industry. In recent years, we have seen a massive shift in the healthcare industry and its services from traditional marketing to digital marketing therefore it is now a necessity for organizations within the healthcare industry to adopt digital marketing in order to remain visible to their prospective customers.

    For any healthcare organization that adapts digital marketing strategies, it is able to better utilize their marketing budget to promote their products and services faster, more seamlessly. Lastly, one of the greatest takeaway adopting digital marketing strategies is to measure actual performance of each marketing mechanics with analytics data to determine which works best for that particular organizations.

    Web Design Pricing: How Much Does Web Design Cost in 2021?
    How to choose the best web design company?

    Finding a web design company may seems a difficult task, however, if you have done your homework correctly at the early stage, you may find that it is not only easy but time and money-saving as well. Here are our ultimate 5 steps guide to finding a good web design company:

    • Goal identification – Start with what is the purpose of the website. Then, what are the goals and objectives?
    • Scope, cost, and time – These are the 3 critical constraints that you need to consider when finding a web designing company. Website development Price plays a vital role. Streamline your budget with the company’s price and see if you can have a reasonably good website in that money. Similarly, time is also essential. Once you have decided upon the time and pricing, it is time to move to what features you want on your website.
    • Content -After you have laid down your scope, you can now focus on the actual content (number of pages, context, etc.) of the site.
    • Framework – the visual framework gives you a glimpse of what your website will look like. The framework encompasses everything a site has to offer. From pages to functionality to color scheme.
    • Testing – Lastly, when everything has been put together in their respective places, it is time to test the website. To make sure all the elements are working.
    What are your strategies to ensure the site is SEO friendly?

    As of today, having a good digital presence is vital to a business therefore we enhance our basic web design package with elements to ensure that your website is listed and searchable via popular search engines. The following are strategies we adopt to ensuire your site is SEO friendly:

    1. Perform keyword reseach for up to 10 keywords and optimize your website for such search terms.
    2. We ensure that we optimize every image we use on your website so that they  look great and they load fast! This is critical to ensure your site speed is at its optimum to improve SEO.
    3. We conform to the latest SEO guidelines in our web design process to help your website rank in popular search engines.
    4. Implement responsive design for our web projects which helps in SEO for the website.
    5. We perform submissions of our completed website projects to popular search engine platform like Google, Bing etc
      What is responsive design?

      A responsive design is an approach in which the website responds the same way it is viewed through any screen resolutions be it a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet or mobile phones. The site and design should not distort or break. This is called design responsiveness.

      Why does responsive design matter?

      The evolution of the mobile computing to tablets and smart phones have dramatically changed how people browse the web and most importantly how your potential and existing clients reach your website. 

      It is difficult to read and navigate a non-responsive website on a tablet or mobile phone; imagine a scenario which a potential customer just learn about your company’s and is keen to see what you have to offer. The only device this person is holding is a mobile phone, after entering your website address in the phone browser, all that the mobile phone displays are some truncated text and inaccessible navigation menu. The customer closes the browser and forget about your company entirely and a potential deal is lost.

      A responsive ensures that you can wow your clients with your fascinating products and services, new or existing, via your website regardless they are viewing it through a desktop, a tablet or a mobile phone! Moreover search engines love website that are optimized for mobile viewing experience which means they rank better in search engines.

      How much does responsive design cost?

      Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

      Why does content marketing matter?

      Till today, most marketer believe that organic traffic i.e. getting your website ranked in the first page, ideally the first in search results, works better than paid ads. The bottom-line to achieve this is through contents. With a great content, you can showcase your brand’s expertise, your recent successes that builds confidence in prospective customers taking up your services.

      How much does content marketing cost?

      Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

      What Affects the Cost Of Hiring a Web Designer?

      The following factors will affect the cost of hiring a web designer:

      Timeline– If you are rushing to launch your website in a short time, the designer will need to work extra hours to meet your launch dateline thus this increase hiring cost.

      Features– The features to implement in your website affects its hiring cost too. Take for instance you need an e-commerce system in your website, the fee structure will differ from implementing a simple contact form in the website.

      Reputation– A large web design agency will usually charge higher fees than smaller boutique agency. 

      Who owns the website once design work is complete?

      It really depends, we break it down based on the following scenario:

      1. If you host your website on a paid platform like Wix, Shopify etc- you don’t own the website. You can however make changes to the site design and contents etc.
      2. Your website is customized on a customized platform- Your web design company have full control over your website. Though they may give you administrator access or the source codes to your website, there is little you can do with them since  you will require some specialized coding know-how to make even the simplest changes.
      3. You host your website with a hosting company like Vodien, A2 hosting etc- You own the website, you can download the codes and make changes to the website.
      Can I have an e-commerce system for my website?

      It depends on the platform your website is on. If your website is on WordPress, Wix etc, yes you can implement e-commerce system for your website.

      What are your tips for building a solid online presence on the web.

      Here are our top 5 tips for building a solid online presence on the web:

      • Create an appealing website.
      • Have a social media marketing plan.
      • Advertise using paid ads
      • Analyse your results
      • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

      To have an enhanced social media presence and the services we offer, contact us straight away!

      What are the Pros and Cons of each popular CMS Platform available


      Pros Cons
      Offers flexibility. Manage security and backups on your own.
      Freedom to build. Manage hosting and domain.
      No coding or technical knowledge

      Thousands of plugins and themes

      It is designed for search engine optimization.


      Pros Cons
      Flexibility and plenty of options A little complex than WordPress
      No coding as well Not many additional extensions
      Good for developers Some compatibility issues


      Pros Cons
      Easy drag and drop You cannot change a template once you have chosen it.
      Pre-made templates Need to upgrade to a paid plan to run eCommerce on it
      Wix app market through which you can add apps. It does not easily allow to download date or export it.
      Very responsive Wix branded domain name and ads for a free plan.


      Pros Cons
      Easy to add content on Drupal. Not user-friendly as compared to other platforms
      Different modules available A little expensive comparatively
      Community support option
      Easy user management
      What are the top 5 things you recommend businesses do with their website in order for it to boost sales
      • Target customers with relevant ads and campaigns:

      Through email marketing campaigns and google ads, you can target your current audiences to increase your sales as it is always easy and efficient to reach out to existing customers than it is to acquire new ones. Email marketing, in particular, is an effective tool to engage your current audience with your products and services.,

      • Mobile optimization:

      Today, many people access the website through their mobile phones. In addition, Internet surfing and online shopping have changed our shopping behaviour patterns. Therefore, it is recommended for the eCommerce business to have an optimized mobile website as well through which customers can easily view and buy your products.

      • Add testimonials and reviews:

      People tend to buy products that others have purchased before them. And testimonials are a great way to boost your sales. They give new clients the trust to buy your products or services. Therefore, add testimonials and reviews on your landing page. Many design agencies use this trick to attract more customers.

      • Overall good website structure and functionality:

      A good website depicts a strong business. If your website has a solid call to action, great content, great design, clients will definitely look around it. On the other hand, a bland website with no significant stricture is going to leave a wrong impression of your business and shado0w your online sales. Sames goes for speed and maintenance of your website.

      • Landing pages:

      A great way to boost your sale or invite potential customers to your website is to have a compelling call-to-action landing page. You can easily feature your product or service through a landing page designed for a particular audience. The target audience will be able to see all the necessary information they want regarding your business on a single landing page.

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